Flowscape's solution for office rightsizing wins business in Europe

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An American Fortune 500 technology company chooses Flowscape's smart sensor solution to measure office utilization at one of their offices in Europe. The order value for the first year is Euro 37,500 (420,000 SEK) and thereafter Euro 30,900 (350,000 SEK) annually recurring revenue.

 "We see that the hybrid way of working at offices is globally dominating. When employees work from home for two or more days per week, it has a major impact on occupancy levels at the offices. Our customers see a great need to measure and understand how their offices are used in more detail. Flowscape is a leader in using sensors and similar technologies to get reliable data, both easily and efficiently. This customer is yet another who has chosen Flowscape's system to be able to make decisions about how to change and streamline their office. The employees also get a market-leading solution for booking workplaces and seeing when colleagues will be in the office. " says Anders Malmström at Flowscape.

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The customer is a Fortune 500 company with a global network of offices. The installations include Flowscape's solutions for sensors, desk booking and analytics portal.

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Flowscape is a SaaS company with a world-leading solution for the hybrid office, optimization of office space and a more efficient workday. The solution uses the latest sensor technology to create a state of the art SaaS solution for smart offices. The main function, Flowmap, gives companies an overview of the office and enables them to quickly find rooms, desks, office equipment and colleagues as well as analysis of the use of the spaces. Flowscape also has a communication tool for efficient geo fence specific communication to people in a building or people within an area in the event of a crisis. Flowscape has offices in Stockholm (headquarters), Sofia, San Francisco and London.

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