Fortum and Skellefteå Kraft to restructure ownership in the Solberg and Blaiken wind parks


Fortum and Skellefteå Kraft are to restructure their ownership in the two jointly owned Swedish wind parks Solberg and Blaiken. Through the proposed asset swap arrangement Fortum would become the sole owner of the 76-megawatt (MW) Solberg wind park and Skellefteå Kraft the sole owner of the 248-MW Blaiken wind park. Currently Fortum owns 50% (corresponding to 38 MW) of the Solberg wind park and 15% (corresponding to 37 MW) of the Blaiken wind park. The proposed transaction would simplify the ownership structure and have only a minor impact on Fortum’s cash flow and results.

The asset swap arrangement is expected to be finalised in the beginning of the third quarter 2019 and is subject to approval by the Fortum Board of Directors and the Municipal Council of Skellefteå.

Fortum and Skellefteå Kraft have cooperated on the construction and operation of wind power in Sweden since 2010.

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