New ‘Keep Me Going’ breakfast cereal has low GI to help with weight control

Keep Me Going is a brand-new breakfast cereal with a low GI, giving a long-lasting release of energy and helping to reduce the desire to snack between meals. Developed by Freedom Cereals Ltd, Keep Me Going is also low in fat, salt and sugar, making it a really healthy way to start the day.

Consisting of tasty, whole-grain barley and oat pillows, Keep Me Going has a GI (Glycaemic Index) of just 50(1). Including low-GI foods in your diet can help you to feel fuller for longer, reducing the temptation to eat between meals and thereby helping people who are trying to control or lose weight. Choosing low-GI foods can also help reduce tiredness, release energy and maintain a healthy immune system.

Low in fat and salt
High in fibre, the Keep Me Going wheat-free recipe is naturally low in fat and its whole-grain barley and oats are also an excellent source of beta glucans, which can help to lower cholesterol levels. The cereal contains SOLO® sea salt, which has 60% less sodium than regular salt, helping to maintain a healthy blood pressure. In fact, with just 0.19% salt content, Keep Me Going has less than a fifth of the salt present in many of the so-called healthier breakfast cereal brands.

Considerably less sugar
Keep Me Going contains only 8.9% sugar, significantly less than many rival cereals – although, sadly, the government’s new ‘traffic light’ food-labelling system has made this more difficult for consumers to spot. Explains Richard Paterson, Joint MD of Freedom Cereals, “Previously, foods needed to have a sugar content of over 15% to warrant a red rating in the front-of-pack labelling but, in the new system, only foods with over 22.5% sugar will get a red flag. This means that several leading breakfast cereals that market themselves as having a healthy profile but which would have been red-carded under the old system have now achieved an amber by the skin of their teeth. With the amber category being so broad – from just 5% to 22.5% sugar content – it’s very confusing for consumers.”

Great taste too
“What we’re really excited about,” continues Richard Paterson, “is the fact that all this goodness – including added vitamins and minerals(2) but absolutely no artificial colours or preservatives – is not at the expense of tastiness. In fact, we’re getting fantastic feedback from consumers about how good Keep Me Going tastes.”

Kids’ trading cards in every pack
Every pack of Keep Me Going breakfast cereal contains three country trading cards that feature a national flag on one side and interesting facts on the reverse. With over 190 in the series, these highly collectible ‘Keep Me Going Around The World’ cards are educational and great fun for a fact-trumping game.

Available nationwide
Pending listings with the major supermarkets, Keep Me Going is being stocked by health-food wholesalers, The Health Store and Tree of Life, making it available at health-food retailers throughout the UK and Ireland.


(1) Keep Me Going has a GI of 50. This has been calculated as eaten (but without adding milk; a with-milk value is likely to be significantly lower). The GI was independently calculated by Hammersmith Hospital, London, over a two-week period, using a team of volunteers. GI is a ranking of foods containing carbohydrate based on their overall effect on blood glucose levels. Slowly absorbed foods have a low GI rating, whilst foods that are more quickly absorbed have a higher rating.

(2) Keep Me Going is enriched with the vitamins C, E, B6, B12, Thiamin (B1), Riboflavin (B2), Niacin (B3), Folic Acid (B9), Biothin (H) and Pantothenic Acid (B5), as well as the minerals Magnesium and Chromium.

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Freedom Cereals Ltd
Freedom Cereals Ltd recently launched Keep Me Going, a new and healthy whole-grain breakfast cereal with reduced sugar, low salt, low fat, high fibre and low GI (Glycaemic Index). Co-founder, Richard Paterson, is available for media interviews.


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Freedom Cereals Ltd is the company behind Keep Me GoingTM, a new and healthy whole-grain breakfast cereal with reduced sugar, low salt, low fat, high fibre and low GI (Glycaemic Index). Find out more at




“We’re getting fantastic feedback from consumers about how good Keep Me Going tastes.”
Richard Paterson