Valor Global FX Fund reports NAV -3,27 % for May and June

Valor Global FX, FX International AB (publ.) fund in Malta, reports that the NAV rate, as FX International AB expected, initially is down about -3,27%.

Valor Global FX has as expected had an initial period that is negative and is during May down by about -2.75% and during June about -0.53%. This is largely explained by upfront costs and that the recurring costs are taken directly from the existing capital.

As previously announced, FX international AB (publ.) invested, in May 2020, to get the fund up and running a total of 20MSEK to be able to obtain actual data from trading. The capitalization increase that was estimated, in the first half of the year 2020, was about 100MSEK but has been delayed mainly due to the ongoing Pandemic that the world is currently experiencing. Nevertheless, the aim is to get this capitalisation in place as soon as possible. As capital can be increased, the current cost impact is of course reduced, which is why an increase in capital is positive for the fund's development and a priority for Valor Global FX.

FX International AB (publ.) therefore expects Valor Global FX to show positive results first in coming months, as the initial and running costs burden also on positive trading that Valor's AI is expected to produce. The risk level for the fund is set at an initially low/medium level to provide a good and stable increase over time. It is based on Valor's previous commitments and will of course be followed up and adjusted as we see actual development. The objective is a stable and positive development over time and the fund's priority is primarily stability and secondly high returns, all to attract investors for long-term investments.

“After long complicated setup and funding process, heavily affected by pandemic outbreak, we are happy to be actually trading the fund with releasing periodical NAV updates. Trading wise we have been entering first trading sequences during May and June, that will start showing positive results in coming weeks and months. We currently fully concentrate ourselves to reach our funding goals to make the whole structure cost effective, along with securing positive trading performance on monthly basis”., says Michal Kliman, VALOR

FXI's goal is that the company should always have a balanced long-term approach with good returns and risk diversification. More information will be communicated continuously through Spotlight Stock Market, Cision and our own channels. Please sign up for ongoing and direct information.

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Johan Olsson

Chairman of the board FX International Ab (publ.)

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