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  • Getinge and Region Västerbotten demonstrate success of innovation partnership and pilot initiative with the support of digital solution INSIGHT

Getinge and Region Västerbotten demonstrate success of innovation partnership and pilot initiative with the support of digital solution INSIGHT

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Getinge announces today how the partnership-driven innovation pilot with Region Västerbotten has delivered value with the digital health care solution INSIGHT as part of an innovation clinics ongoing transformation program, ¹reducing average length of stay and increasing patient throughput.

In 2019, Getinge and Region Västerbotten embarked on an innovation partnership pilot initiative to increase the quality of health care services for patients, improve the daily working conditions of health care professionals, and increase cost efficiency and cost effectiveness. This initiative is fully aligned to the strategic priorities of Getinge, as global provider of innovative solutions to the health care sector. “Getinge is committed to partnering with customers to create true value and this pilot with Region Västerbotten was one of the first initiatives undertaken in this area” shared Javier Mur, Vice President Value Creation Partnerships, Global Sales, Getinge.

Region Västerbotten is responsible for all public health and medical services in the county of Västerbotten, Sweden. It was decided that this pilot initiative was set up at the Medical Emergency Ward (MAVA) of Norrland University Hospital, one of Region Västerbotten’s three innovation clinics. The clinic began by mapping its needs in a more structured way and identified the need for improved information, communication and patient logistic flows in order to create a more efficient health care delivery for its patients.

With the introduction of INSIGHT - the patient flow management IT solution from Getinge -, as part of a broader long term transformation program developed at MAVA, staff were able to receive a better overview of the situation at the ward at any given time. It would provide them with information about the number of patients as well as level of care needed, planned activities and expected date of discharge for each patient, as well as a clear view of who is doing what. As some routines were redesigned, information was made available digitally, and staff were provided with handheld devices to facilitate work “on the go”, communication in the team and visibility improved.

The progress of the initiative was closely monitored through joint value analysis including key performance indicators (KPIs) related to efficiency and productivity as well as staff surveys to ensure timely implementation towards the goals. The conclusions after the pilot period showed positive trends in ¹average length of stay as well as patient admissions with no major increase in staff cost. “Getinge has a clear goal to contribute to the health care sector by providing tools to make hospitals operate more efficiently and safely. In collaboration with Region Västerbotten we are shifting from not just being a solution provider but partnering around the challenges and solutions in order to create a greater value. By the great effort of staff in the implementation of new ways of working, enabled by digital solutions like INSIGHT, Region Västerbotten and Getinge have demonstrated how true value can be created in partnership” shared Johan Mälsjö, General Manager, Getinge Nordics.

The partnership pilot initiative at the innovation clinic MAVA shows that when health care and industry partners work together towards common goals of value creation, this opens new doors to better harness the true value potential of innovative solutions – to the benefit of all.

“Innovation partnerships are important as we create the future of health care. The challenges we are facing implies to some extent a paradigm shift in the whole health care sector – for us as health care providers as well as for other public stakeholders but also for the industry. Region Västerbotten realized early on that there is more to gain from true partnerships with the industry, beyond the traditional customer and supplier relationship, joining forces for value creation that benefits all. Our partnership with Getinge is a good example of this work.” shared Peter Olofsson, Regional Commissioner and Chairman of the Regional Board, Region Västerbotten

As a result of the successful pilot, Getinge and Region Västerbotten have entered into a new 3 year partnership agreement with the purpose of improving quality as well as increasing cost efficiency and effectiveness in health care services delivered, and supporting that value creation on digital solutions.

To learn more about the pilot and results, please read the full white paper attached.


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¹comparing Jun-Dec’2019 vs 2018. This 7 months calculation period is considered after new solution was stabilized.