We will work closely with our customers and business partners to achieve and maintain a leading market position, offering high-quality products and value added services in the most effective way.
Mr Nam Hoang, Country Director for Getinge Vietnam
Getinge’s new financial targets for 2022-2025, an annual organic net sales growth of 4-6% and adjusted EPS growth of above 10% on average throughout the period, is well in line with our strategy and ambitions.
Mattias Perjos, President & CEO Getinge
I have always found life science important but now I understand that it actually means everything.
Linda Skogsberg
The ultimate reward is when you see the patient in the clinic later on. They might not always know exactly what they have been through but you know it and the greatest feeling is when you see how well they have recovered and gone back to their families to carry on with their lives.
Dr. Nnamdi Nwaejike, Cardiac Surgeon at Wythenshawe Hospital
The perfusionists at el Hospital Universitario de Cruces received comprehensive training on the new HL 40 machine and I am happy that they were impressed by the flexibility and safety of the equipment during the procedure.
Óscar Viana Manzano, Product Manager Cardiopulmonary (Spain) at Getinge
A supportive learning environment at home can be a big contributor to the overall development and growth of a child.
Ingrid Eelde Koivisto, Founder & Secretary General at Pratham Sweden
I feel very passionate about my job, I learn new things every day and that’s the way I like it.
Andres Beiras, Global Medical Director Cardiopulmonary, Getinge
Organic order intake increased by more than 20% in the third quarter, with a strong performance in all business areas and regions. Our cash flow remains strong, meaning that we have strengthened our solid financial position.
Mattias Perjos, President & CEO at Getinge
It really makes me happy to receive a message or reading a publication about positive patient outcomes where my participation may have played a role.
Gislei Romero, Regional Therapies Development Manager at Getinge
We are a great team achieving incredible things together. I particularly like the fact that we always face challenges together and solve them in the best possible way as a team.
Felix Wiedmann, Production Manager
The simplicity of use of the Rotaflow II facilitates safe handling even for less experienced users.
Jörg Optenhöfel, Head of Perfusion at the Clinic for Cardiac, Thoracic, Transplantation and Vascular Surgery, Hannover Medical School (MHH)
Without having to switch OR lights on and off, the surgical team benefits from better hand-eye coordination and an uninterrupted workflow. This makes it possible to have constant focus on the patient.
Robin Jousse, R&D Director Surgical Lights at Getinge
Surgical procedures are evolving and so does our surgical lights. The new Volista VisioNIR feature is a powerful solution to guide surgeons and secure their actions with a better hand-eye coordination when using fluorescence guided surgery. There is no longer a need to switch between on and off lighting.
Sophie Santiago, Product Manager Surgical Lights at Getinge
Thanks to our system for sterile goods handling and surgical instrument traceability, we can ensure that the right tools are in the right place at the right time, maintaining the highest quality and guaranteed sterility.
Mats Rydenfors, Unit Manager at the CSSD at Östra Hospital
Going to work knowing that the machines I build help provide safer care feels good inside.
Cheng Xiang Yao
During the first installations the central sterile supply department (CSSD) staff were clapping hands. Gone were the days of tracking instruments with pen, paper and label applicators. They were so happy about going digital; saving time and thereby providing better patient care
Lars Søndergaard, Director, Product Management & Business Development, Sterile Supply Management at Getinge
We wanted a reliable device that is easy to move around. This is crucial for enabling our team to travel to critically ill patients in places where there is no access to care resources.
Dr. Diego Pardo
It’s extra motivating to go to work every day when you know that the products you build are crucial parts of central sterile supply departments where health care staff make sure surgical instruments are being cleaned, disinfected and sterilized, ready in time for next surgery.
Patrik Lingmert, Getinge
A competitive finance offer is a natural component for building strong partnerships.
Caroline Johnson, Senior Manager, Financial Services at Getinge.
“Our aim is to deliver world class care. Our comprehensive offering is based on decades of real-world experience in operating room and intensive care. Strong customer relationships and a deep understanding of hospital environments helped us deliver easy-to-use solutions such as Servo ventilators or Flow anesthesia machines”
Fadi Ghazal, Getinge Sales Director, Acute Care Therapies, Middle East & North East Africa.
In total, sales increased by 3.6% organically compared with the second quarter 2020, and the order intake declined by 6.1% organically compared with 2020 when we received very large orders of advanced ICU ventilators.
Mattias Perjos, President & CEO Getinge
Many health care systems had long surgical waiting lists already before the COVID-19 outbreak, so a knowledge-based planning tool was underway. The pandemic spurred us to find an efficient solution quicker.
Matthias Rath, Director Product Management & Business Development OR Solutions at Getinge
Sustainability is one of our top priorities and at the core of everything we do. Last year we announced the intention to become a CO₂ neutral company by 2025, which supports our objective to contribute to sustainable health care, environmentally as well as socially. We are honored to receive this award.
Magnus Lundbäck, Executive Vice President Human Resources & Sustainability at Getinge.
We all feel much safer now in terms of preventing the spread of viruses and health care acquired infections.
Sunita Kharel, nurse at the Bhumlutaar Health Center
To create real improvements, we need an open ecosystem where we collaborate and share knowledge with partners and other suppliers. As I see it, this is where we can create most value.
Charlotte Enlund, Getinge
While hospitals can take steps to hire more people and have staff work longer hours to address this backlog, they must also look at the most effective technology options to improve scheduling efficiency and utilization of resources.
Eric Honroth, President, North America at Getinge
While hospitals can take steps to hire more people and have staff work longer hours to address this backlog, they must also look at the most effective technology options to improve scheduling efficiency and utilization of resources.
Eric Honroth, President, North America at Getinge
After only 20 minutes of book building, the offer was oversubscribed several times and to better terms than we had dared to hope for. We will return regularly to the market with offers like this, so that more investors will have an opportunity to participate in the future.
Lars Sandström, CFO Getinge
The patient’s lungs were in very poor condition from the beginning, but the ECMO therapy gave the lungs the time they needed to heal.
Prof. Mariusz Zimmer, Head of II Department of Gynaecology and Obstetrics at the University Clinical Hospital in Wroclaw, Poland
The driving force is the same as Getinge’s brand promise – Passion for Life. When we enter the field this is what we carry with us inside.
Madhuseguntha Durairaj
I have always been proud of what I do, but the personal connection to the medicines and vaccines our bioreactors help to develop, is much stronger after my own experiences. They help bringing science to life.
Edwin van der Ree
It is a very severe situation and we are all exhausted but we keep on going to save more lives.
Iram Fathema
During the COVID-19 pandemic we have developed several new ways to virtually interact with our customers.
Carsten Blecker, Chief Commercial Officer at Getinge.
The COVID-19 pandemic and the heightened awareness of respiratory health has driven the need for personalized ventilation solutions for critically ill patients. Now more than ever, options for personalized lung protection and personalized weaning solutions are at the forefront of respiratory patient health. Getinge strives to support clinicians and patients by optimizing lung protection and delivering solutions for personalized ventilation.
Eric Honroth, President, Getinge North America
More and more of our customers are heading towards a situation in which managing record-long waiting lines for surgeries is as challenging as COVID-19.
Mattias Perjos, President & CEO at Getinge
When I arrived at work one of those first traumatic days, I almost couldn’t get through the crowded hallways.
Dana Yamini
We are very pleased to offer this optimized and cost effective solution for bioreactor preparation in a time when a lot of research focus is dedicated to vaccine development and production.
Harald Castler, President Life Science at Getinge.
I feel very proud that we have managed to keep up the close collaboration with our customers despite all restrictions the pandemic imposed on us in 2020
Mattias Perjos, President & CEO at Getinge
Getinge’s brand promise ‘Passion for Life’ also covers the lives of our employees. Also beyond COVID-19, we want to be an attractive employer offering existing and future office-based employees the opportunity to work where they can do their job best.
Magnus Lundbäck, Executive Vice President Human Resources and Sustainability at Getinge
In times when travel and in-person contact is very limited, the possibility to step into our virtual hospital fills a crucial gap.
Jeanette Hedén Carlsson, EVP Communication & Brand Management at Getinge.
This partnership is an example of the extended scope of our sustainability, innovation and customer centricity and our dedication for driving Getinge to the forefront within these research areas. Ultimately, the knowledge and experience we gain can help us save more lives together with our customers
Magnus Lundbäck, Executive Vice President Human Resources & Sustainability.
The commitment to the Science Based Target initiative is a natural next step for us. This is a good way to increase transparency on our commitment and progress. Getinge is aiming at becoming a CO₂ neutral company and has set-up dedicated activities to achieve our goal.
Magnus Lundbäck, Executive Vice President Sustainability at Getinge
With the investment in Merrimack we are looking at double the installed production capacity of DPTE-BetaBag®
Harald Castler, Executive Vice President Life Science at Getinge
We have continued to support health care, and the pharmaceutical companies that are rapidly developing and manufacturing COVID-19 vaccines. We also achieved our full-year target of delivering 26,000 advanced ICU ventilators, and the demand for our ECMO therapy products remains high.
Mattias Perjos, President & CEO at Getinge
With the acquisition of Quadralene, we will bring additional value and support to our customers in their mission to reduce hospital acquired infections
Stéphane Le Roy, President Surgical Workflows at Getinge.
While measuring continuously and non-invasively, NICCI provides a complete picture of the patient’s individual hemodynamic status – ensuring the medical staff that they never miss a beat
Clemens Brühl, Head of Product Management Advanced Patient Monitoring at Getinge
Especially now, when fighting with the COVID-19 pandemic, health care organizations are facing strong operational and financial challenges. Sterilization units have to reprocess surgical instruments in a flawless manner in order to manage an increasing backlog of surgeries.
Stéphane Le Roy, President Surgical Workflows at Getinge
The site produces approximately 230,000 units per year, which is estimated to support saving 500 lives per day
Jocelyn Lebrun, Managing Director Getinge La Ciotat
We are continuing to deepen our partnerships with hospitals and pharmaceutical companies around the world to combat COVID-19 and in the third quarter we delivered more advanced ICU ventilators than we normally do in a whole year
Mattias Perjos, President & CEO Getinge
We've gone from a mode of ventilation where you were breathing for the baby to one now where we can breathe with the baby as well
Sabina Checketts, neonatal doctor