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  • Getinge announces full market release of Servo-u 4.0 featuring innovations for personalized lung protection

Getinge announces full market release of Servo-u 4.0 featuring innovations for personalized lung protection

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Getinge announced today the full market release for the latest version of Servo-u 4.0, an innovative mechanical ventilator with groundbreaking solutions for automatic lung recruitment and transpulmonary pressure monitoring. The full release means that Auto SRM (Automatic Stepwise Recruitment Maneuver) is now commercially available to all markets not requiring additional regulatory submission, in addition to the CE-mark.

“This release marks yet another milestone in Getinge’s extensive legacy of clinical innovations for Intensive Care Units worldwide,” says Jens Viebke, President Acute Care Therapies at Getinge. “Our goal is to help keep ventilated adult, pediatric and neonatal patients as safe and comfortable as possible with easy to use and clinically effective ventilator applications. With Servo-u 4.0, we have succeeded in consolidating our offering in the treatment and management of ARDS.”

The global burden of ARDS (Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome) is estimated to exceed 3 million patients every year.1 The treatment is complicated and associated with high mortality, long hospitalization and consumes significant health care resources.2 ARDS still appears to be undertreated in terms of the use of recommended approaches to mechanical ventilation and use of adjunctive measures. These findings indicate the potential for improvement in treatment and management of patients with ARDS. 3

 “Since the limited market release, automatic lung recruitments using the Auto SRM have been performed on patients at hospitals in Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom and in all cases the installation, training and adoption has worked as intended,” says Dr. Miray Kärnekull, Medical Director Critical Care at Getinge. “We are of course glad to hear that our peers have experienced the clinical benefits of our automatic lung recruitment workflow for these types of critically ill patient.”

Auto SRM is a standardized and automated workflow for lung recruitment. It visualizes settings, progress and determination of the patient´s closing Positive End-expiratory Pressure (PEEP), including assessment of recruitability. A post-recruitment summary, with color-coded results and personalized settings provides further clinical decision-support.

Transpulmonary pressure monitoring is recommended as a method to better understand pathophysiology and improve clinical outcome for complex patients on mechanical ventilation.4 Its use, however, has been restricted been restricted to researchers and experts, because of the complex technology available. With the transpulmonary pressure monitoring application in Servo-u 4.0 customers are provided innovative features such as an automatic occlusion maneuver that validates positioning and filling of the esophageal balloon catheter, an intuitive therapeutic view and high resolution trending of key parameters for assessment of both passively ventilated and spontaneuosly breathing patients.

Learn more about Getinge’s mechanical ventilators: https://www.getinge.com/int/solutions/acute-care-therapies/mechanical-ventilation/

Note – Not all products listed here are available in all countries. For details, contact your Getinge representative. This document is intended for an international audience outside of the US.


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