Industry sustainability leader: GF Piping Systems introduces bio-attributed PVC to its portfolio to reduce CO2 footprint

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As a pioneer of pressure piping, GF Piping Systems (GF) announced today the introduction of bio-attributed materials to all of its market-leading polyvinyl chloride (PVC-U) metric pressure pipes, fittings and valves produced in Europe. The sustainable PVC resin, made using tall oil, a waste product from paper production will see up to 90% reduction in the CO2 emission during production versus conventional PVC while still maintaining the highest quality, durability, and recyclability.  

The PVC piping systems from GF, first produced in 1955, have been tried and tested for more than 65 years. Today, they include pipes, fittings, valves, actuators, and measurement and control technology used across industries in over 100 countries for the most demanding applications.

To achieve the biggest impact, the PVC resin used for pipes, fittings and valves is successively adjusted to use up to 20% bio-attributed PVC. The sustainable PVC resins meet the same stringent performance criteria as GF's conventionally produced PVC grades. To verify the correct use, an independent certification body is appointed to audit the production plants and supply chain which processes the bio-attributed PVC-U.

"With the introduction of bio-attributed PVC into our material mix, we are transitioning toward more sustainably sourced products," announces Jens Frisenborg, Head of Business Unit Industry/Utility at GF Piping Systems. "By adding renewable raw material, with identical chemical and mechanical properties, to our valves, fittings and pipes, we provide our customers with unrivaled quality, while also supporting them in achieving their own sustainability goals."

Insensitive, flexible to plan, easy to install, and very reliable: these properties of piping systems are in demand in numerous industrial areas: in drinking water treatment, microelectronics production, in sewage treatment plants, in shipbuilding, and the food industry. PVC piping systems are suitable for use in almost every branch of industry. It is not only their durability that makes them so versatile but also their easy installation. Now with bio-attributed PVC, GF Piping Systems is ensuring they are more sustainably sourced. 

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