QuickPouch and Ginolis Announce Strategic Partnership

Packaging Automation firm QuickPouch, a division of Adaptive Manufacturing Technologies, has announced a new strategic partnership with Ginolis, a global provider of innovative production automation solutions.

This partnership allows IVD manufacturers around the globe the opportunity to enjoy easy integration of their test kit assembly and packaging processes. The revolutionary Ginolis Lateral Flow Device Assembly (LFDA-3) system provides manufacturers flexible production capacity within a desktop footprint and utilizes automated visual inspection and guidance ensuring the highest standard of quality control. The QuickPouch Vertical is a fully validatable automated form/fill/seal machine that forms pouches from rollstock. A wide variety of available options include in-line printing or label application for variable data, print and pouch visual inspection with automatic reject, and QuickChange dies which allow for 5 minute pouch size changeovers.

QuickPouch and Ginolis will be demonstrating the integrated LFDA-3 and QuickPouch Vertical for the first time at the AACC Clinical Lab Expo in San Diego, CA, August 1-3 in Ginolis booth 4446, and again at PackExpo in Las Vegas, NV, September 25-27 in QuickPouch booth N-518.


Further information:

Evan LaRocca, Director of Marketing
QuickPouch | 1 631 580 5400 | evan@quickpouch.com

Teijo Fabritius, CEO
Ginolis | +358 40 565 1782| teijo.fabritius@ginolis.com

About Us:

Ginolis specializes in providing high-quality automation and liquid handling solutions for the production and processing of healthcare consumables. The company is privately owned and headquartered in Oulu, Finland, with offices in Uppsala, Sweden, San Diego, USA and Suzhou, China.



About Us

Ginolis specializes in assembly automation and high precision liquid handling solutions for the global diagnostic and MedTech industries. Ginolis aims to be one of the leading global systems suppliers in the diagnostics industry to enable the shift to automated production. The company’s desktop robotic platform solutions are characterized by high precision and modularity. Ginolis is privileged to work in co-operation with many of the world’s leading diagnostic companies. Established in 2010, Ginolis is privately owned and headquartered in Oulu, Finland, with offices in Uppsala, Sweden, San Diego, USA and Suzhou, China.




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