Pixie is the result of combining Ginolis’ core values from innovative and flexible automation with novel optical sensors. Our users will be able to analyze both topography and intensity values from the same scan and at high speed. Pixie will provide our customers with unique solutions for metrology and quality inspection.
Ginolis Metrology Specialist Pia Pihl
IPT/APP’s reputation as a leader in manufacturing equipment distribution and their strong customer support make them an ideal fit for Ginolis.
Teijo Fabritius, Ginolis CEO
Our partnership with IPT/APP offers the region leading edge automation solutions with a dedication to quality customer service.
Teijo Fabritius, Ginolis CEO
Ginolis is a huge opportunity for us. Focussing as they do, on leading edge micro automation & Inspection solutions for the Medical Device sector they will become a key partner for our customers as they seek to build smaller and smaller products in the years ahead. We are excited that they chose IPT/APP to represent them in the UK and Ireland.
Jack Daly, Managing Director of IPT/APP
Thanks to its cutting-edge modular platforms and expertise in diagnostics processes, we are confident that Ginolis will bring the most relevant solution to support us in our growing activity
Tuomas Tenkanen, CEO at Mobidiag
The demand for molecular diagnostics is on the rise and we are proud to continue our long-standing cooperation with Mobidiag. Both companies share a dedication to innovation and high quality.
Ginolis CEO Teijo Fabritius
This automation line is a testament to the scalability of our flexible modular solutions and ability to integrate the entire manufacturing process on one platform.
Ginolis CEO Teijo Fabritius
Ginolis is pleased to welcome Darwin Microfluidics to our growing global partner network. This agreement emphasizes our commitment to continued growth in the liquid handling market.
Jorma Venäläinen, Ginolis VP of Sales and Marketing
Ginolis' Piezo Motor Bellows pump technology represents a valuable addition to our site, offering users both top notch precision in fluid dispensing as well as a fully integrated kit option that enables inexperienced users to easily access microfluidics and continue to push the field forward.
Alex McMillan, Darwin Microfluidics Product Manager
We were impressed with Ginolis and their modular approach to equipment flexibility. We were also impressed with their track record for on time delivery and excellent referrals from previous customers
Harold Chan, VP IVD R&D and Manufacturing of Sekisui Diagnostics
Ginolis sees intelligent automation as the future of diagnostics production. By being able to assemble multiple products with the same system, manufacturers save valuable space in their clean room environments.
Jorma Venäläinen, Ginolis VP Sales and Marketing
As our solutions and reputation have become better known in the medical device and diagnostics industries, demand for our products has grown quickly.
Ginolis CEO Teijo Fabritius
The medical device market is evolving rapidly and has a fundamental need for cost effective production of high quality products. We see a great opportunity for growth at Ginolis as the company’s innovative automation solutions enable very high quality production within a small footprint, and use machine vision for quality assurance.
Anssi Kariola, Managing Partner at VersoVentures
The successful launch of the Ginolis LFDA-3 is a testament to the increased market demand for flexible modular automation solutions with quality assurance .
Anssi Kariola, Managing Partner at VersoVentures
The opening of our first office in Asia is a great milestone for Ginolis. The diagnostics and medical device market in Asia is rapidly growing and there is a great potential for Ginolis’ automated assembly solutions
Ginolis CEO Teijo Fabritius
The combination of FocalSpec’s optical measurement systems and our automation platforms are a perfect match. The regulated medical device industry demands precision and high quality and this partnership enables us to provide a broader range of products that will address those needs.
Ginolis CEO Teijo Fabritius
FocalSpec and Ginolis are technology leaders in their respective fields. Together we provide high precision solutions that allow companies to measure and test their products at manufacturing line speed.
FocalSpec President Sauli Törmälä
The new modular compact LFDA-3 went beyond all our expectations. We are very happy with the system and the cooperation with Ginolis.
Dingshi CEO Alex Xi
The first LFDA-3 system delivery was a great success. This is a very important step for us moving forward in the Asia Pacific market. We feel that there is huge growth potential for Ginolis’ solutions in Asia and this deal is a testament to that.
Ginolis VP Sales and Marketing, Jorma Venäläinen
The LFDA revolutionizes the rapid test manufacturing market. One system can assemble multiple rapid test devices with little or no changeover time. Vision guided component placement, strip cutting and assembly throughout the process ensures fast production times with high quality results.
Jorma Venäläinen
We would like to take the opportunity to thank Ginolis for their professional services and the high quality of the electrodes produced
Simon Grant, CEO at SciBase.
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