Acquisition of own shares / primary insider trades

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On behalf of Gjensidige (OSE:GJF), DNB has on 15 July 2020 acquired 64 107 shares. The shares have been acquired at an average price of NOK 194,5496 per share.

51 625 shares have been sold to employees, at a price of NOK 194,5496 per share, as part of the Gjensidige share savings scheme 2020.

Acquisition of shares for the share savings scheme for the second quarter 2020 is now completed.

A total of 12 046 bonus shares are allocated to employees pursuant to the terms of previous years’ share savings scheme. Bonus shares are allocated without further consideration.

Gjensidige now owns 11 234 own shares.

Shares sold or allocated to primary insider employees are disclosed in the attachment to this disclosure.

For a description of the share savings scheme, see stock exchange release dated 19 December 2019.

This information is subject to disclosure under the Norwegian Securities Act section §5-12.


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