Acquisition of own shares / primary insider trades

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On behalf of Gjensidige (OSE:GJF), DNB has on 24 October 2022 acquired 96 259 shares in Gjensidige Forsikring ASA, LEI 5967007LIEEXZX6FAO47, ISIN NO0010582521 on Oslo Børs. 81 203 shares have been sold to employees, at a price of NOK 190.8967 per share, as part of the Gjensidige share savings scheme 2022. Acquisition of shares for the share savings scheme for the third quarter 2022 is now completed.

Primary insiders in Gjensidige Forsikring ASA have on 24 October 2022 received shares in Gjensidige Forsikring ASA as part of the Gjensidige share savings scheme 2022.

Gjensidige now owns 48 319 own shares.

For a description of the share savings scheme, see stock exchange release dated 17 December 2021.

See attachment(s) for details on the acquisition of primary insider trades.

This information is subject to disclosure under the Norwegian Securities Act section §5-12.


Head of Investor Relations: Mitra Hagen Negård. Tel: +47 957 93 631

Head of Communication: Øystein Thoresen. Tel: +47 952 33 382

Gjensidige is a leading Nordic insurance group listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange. We have about 3,800 employees and offer insurance products in Norway, Denmark, Sweden and the Baltic states. In Norway, we also offer pension and savings. The Group's operating income was NOK 30 billion in 2021, while total assets were NOK 130 billion.


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