Greenfood wins prestige business award - recognized for excellence in sustainability and innovation

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Greenfood has won the Swedish business award, Företagsstjärnan (Star Company). The prize was awarded for Greenfood's outstanding performance in providing the market with sustainable, plant-based, affordable, and easily accessible food.
“The climate is the most important issue of our time. How we produce our food and what we eat has major effects on the climate and the environment, so we must do everything we can to accelerate the transition to plant-based alternatives,” said David von Laskowski, President and CEO of Greenfood Group.

Greenfood is one of northern Europe's leading players in sustainable and healthy food and has expanded significantly in recent years. The Group is now being praised by the City of Helsingborg for its rapid growth and its strong focus on sustainability through the Företagsstjärnan award. The prize is awarded to companies and individuals who are role models for Helsingborg's growing and innovative business life. The motivation behind the award is:

“With your passion for food and the way you create sustainable businesses, you are the best example of one of Helsingborg's business Stars. You have created a company with a strong climate focus which provides us with products for a sustainable lifestyle. We are happy because you see Helsingborg as the hub for your ever-expanding business.”

Greenfood is in the middle of a major investment in Helsingborg, including the development of Greenfood Greenhouse, a new state-of-the-art and environmentally efficient food and logistics centre that will provide the Nordic region with plant-based food.

Plant-based food - a growing success
Interest in plant-based food with fruit and vegetables as their key ingredients has exploded, and today the vegetarian market is worth billions. In recent years, Greenfood has taken several important steps towards a range that is both healthy and sustainable. For example, the group's salad bar pioneer, Picadeli, has completely eliminated red meat and now consists of a range made up of 90 percent vegetarian products.

Another of Greenfood's companies, Ahlströms Factory, offers healthy food concepts that are helping more people to start eating vegetarian cuisine. They have also developed a unique range of plant-based products made from Nordic legumes, a domestic vegan protein source that can compete with soy protein.

Technology and sustainability key differentiators
Sustainability is naturally an important part of Greenfood's operations, and the Group has, for several years, worked systematically to reduce its climate footprint. By developing innovative technology solutions, exploring new packaging solutions, and by switching to renewable energy sources, Greenfood has reduced its environmental impact and created an even more sustainable business. The group has, for example, developed an AI platform that helps store staff order the right products in the right quantities for Picadeli's salad bars. More reliable orders are extremely important for reducing food waste while maximizing customers’ profitability.