Hafslund – change in financial calendar

Reference is made to stock exchange announcements 26 April 2017, where it was announced that the City of Oslo, through a new wholly-owned company, will make a voluntary offer for the purchase of all shares in Hafslund ASA, which will be followed by a compulsory acquisition. Due to the announced offer with subsequent delisting of Hafslund ASA from Oslo Børs, Hafslund ASA's financial calendar is amended as follows:

  • Hafslund ASA will publish shareholders' report for Q2 2017 on Tuesday 11 July 2017, as announced in the stock exchange announcement of 6 September 2016. However, analytical presentation will not be held.

  • The ownership restructuring means that Hafslund ASA will be delisted from Oslo Børs and the transaction will be executed as soon as possible after 1 August 2017. As a result, Hafslund ASA will not hold further quarterly disclosures following the announcement of the shareholders' report for Q2 2017.

Hafslund ASA
Oslo, 20 June 2017

For further information, please contact:
Heidi Ulmo, Chief Financial Officer (CFO), tel.: +47 909 19 325, email: Heidi.Ulmo@hafslund.no

Martin Lundby, Head of Finance and IR, tel.: +47 416 14 448, email: Martin.Lundby@hafslund.no


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