Halton's new innovation provides ultra-clean air throughout the operating room

Halton is announcing its new clean air technology for modern operating rooms in hospitals. The technology revolutionises the traditional solutions in the sector and brings the level of hygiene required by demanding operations to the entire operating room. The solution was developed in cooperation with the ultra-modern New Karolinska Solna hospital opening in Stockholm in 2016.

Halton Vita OR Space utilises a completely new kind of technology, which, unlike traditional solutions, creates the required cleanroom in the entire operating room and with better energy-efficiency. This is important, since the technology and number of staff in the operating room are increasing. Halton's new solution provides flexibility and safety in the positioning of both equipment and personnel in ORs. In addition, the technology makes it possible to adjust ventilation per each operating room, which can provide savings in energy costs and optimal working conditions for the operating staff. Halton will provide a turn-key solution, including a one-of-a-kind validation method: the solution is tested on site by means of a simulated or actual surgery.

“We are proud to be able to introduce to the market a new kind of operating room solution, which is an excellent match to the future needs of hospitals. As its name indicates, the Halton Vita OR Space makes it possible for operating room equipment and staff to utilise the entire OR area, without having to worry about the limitations of the clean zone during surgery, as is the case with traditional solutions. Compared to traditional systems, this solution also offers other advantages, such as energy efficiency and comfortable working conditions. In addition, the new system meets the future hygiene standards required in Europe,” says Kim Hagström, Halton's Director, Offering and Development.

The new European air quality standard for operating rooms is currently being prepared. In the preparation work, the hygiene levels and cleanroom requirements of low and high risk operations will be categorised. The standard will also offer more technical freedom to achieve the required outcomes.

The Halton Vita OR Space solution will be first implemented in the ultra modern New Karolinska Solna hospital in Stockholm. The hospital will be the largest hospital in the Nordic countries, with forty operating rooms of different size (60 m2, 90 m2, 120 m2). Halton has developed the new solution in close cooperation with the NKS hospital and the Skanska construction group. Their shared objective is to develop a modern operating room, which can adjust to future needs.

In connection with the introduction of the Halton Vita OR Space solution, Halton will bring to the market a full Halton Vita product family for the demanding indoor air quality needs of operating rooms, laboratories, isolation areas and hospital pharmacies.

“Halton's product offering for hospitals will be at a very high level internationally as a result of the new products to be launched. In addition to systems for the most demanding spaces, Halton also offers an extensive selection of solutions for nearly any hospital need. Therefore, we are able to serve hospitals from the design stage to construction and throughout the building life cycle. According to our estimates, more than 20 billion euros are invested in health care buildings in Europe annually, and we want to be our clients' international partner,” Hagström says.

A background article for the media is attached to this release (2 June 2015). Images can be downloaded separately.

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