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    Hinkley Point C is a hugely significant project not just for Flamgard Calidair, but for the whole nuclear industry in Britain. Ambitious targets for net-zero emissions and environmentally-friendly energy production are driving demand for nuclear power, and it is vital that we as a country develop the supply chains and expertise required to deliver it.
    Shuresh Maran, Business Development Director at Flamgard Calidair
    The Halton M.A.R.V.E.L. airflow optimization technology is the most advanced demand-controlled ventilation system on the market designed specifically for commercial kitchens. The system automatically optimizes the ventilation based on the cooking activity by utilizing various sensors and artificial intelligence. Together with our highly efficient Capture Jet™ hoods, M.A.R.V.E.L. maximizes the energy savings by 50 % and more.
    Georges Gaspar
    Halton’s goal is to continuously add value to our customers’ business. Combining Halton’s technological expertise and Nelbud’s strong local service presence in many key markets gives us excellent opportunity to create better life-cycle value.
    Mika Halttunen
    We are thrilled to join the Halton team as we continue to expand our Fire, Health, and Life Safety services across the United States, and Internationally. I am especially excited for the opportunities this creates for all Nelbud employees as we focus on our employee-first mission of creating sustainable careers.
    Michael Crafton
    Nelbud’s comprehensive service platform will allow Halton to continue to grow its service model nationally and globally; currently operating in 19 major markets in the United States, it provides a springboard to our ongoing growth strategy. As important as the ability to provide our customers with support thru the Product Lifecycle, our customers can be assured of optimized performance and trouble-free ownership.
    Phil Meredith
    I am delighted to make our rapid and automating photon disinfection technology available now through Halton's ventilation products, aimed for operating rooms worldwide. LED Tailor's disinfection system inside Halton's Vita OR Space system automatically destroys microbes, including the E.Coli and Staphylococcus aureus, very efficiently from all OR surfaces, resulting in 5log10 reductions (99.999) in 4 to 12 hours, depending on the size and type of the system installed.
    Harri Rautio, CEO of LED Tailor
    I am very pleased with the co-operation with LED Tailor and being able to bring this innovation to the hospital operating rooms. We want to help the hospitals fight against antibiotic resistance, which is a major issue for them. The disinfection blue light kills microbes from surfaces, which are hard to reach by a traditional cleaning method. The system is configurated so that the disinfection mode is automatically turned on when the room is not occupied. The embedded general lighting further reduces the need for multiple systems and saves space for medical installations.
    Sami Ahonen, Head of Sales and Marketing, Halton Health
    The Halton M.A.R.V.E.L is the most advanced demand-controlled ventilation system on the market,  aimed at professional kitchens. The system automatically optimizes the ventilation based on the cooking activity by utilizing various sensors and artificial intelligence, maximizing energy savings by 50 % depending on the scale and type of operation in the kitchen.
    Director of Halton Foodservice Georges Gaspar
    Our customer-oriented, innovative product development has provided us with global market leadership in our Marine business.
    Sami Piirainen, Director, Halton Marine
    There is an urgent need to improve the safety of indoor spaces by having a bigger, direct impact on the physical environment.
    Tarja Takki-Halttunen, Vice Chair at Halton Group
    At times like this, when the business situation in the world is changing dramatically, we are looking forward to benefiting from Mikko Mattilas’s extensive experience in many areas of great importance to Halton, such as business model changes and M&A. Also, Janne Pukkila’s long experience at Halton will help us identify and implement scale benefits.
    Kai Konola, CEO, Halton Group
    We are excited to welcome Carola Puusteli to our board of directors. She brings decades of experience and leadership in areas of great importance to Halton, such as global sales and service business development within technology and service industries.
    Mika Halttunen, Halton Chairman
    By providing actors of all sizes and perspectives with easy access to data through a single platform, we can offer entirely new opportunities to create holistic, human-centric indoor environments that combine smart comfort and safety with environmental friendliness and economy.
    Mika Nieminen, Director, Strategy, Business Development & IT at Halton Group
    We know that Halton’s hood and ventilated ceiling with a UV system have what it takes to achieve optimum kitchen air quality with energy saving features, as well as the aftersales service that customers demand. 
    Hong Gyun Lim, Vice President of Hanil Oneex
    An Innovation Hub in Germany will enable the major acceleration of product and solution development in the related unit. The new hub will increase the unit’s impact on our business and strengthen our local presence, which is important to customers in the region.
    Heinz Ritzer, Director of Halton’s German operations
    Through urbanisation, more and more people in the world spend most of their time indoors. In terms of people's immediate life quality and the future of the planet, it is crucial that these environments are built with high quality and in line with the principles of sustainable development. This increasingly means innovative cooperation across boundaries, and smart solutions.
    Kai Konola, CEO at Halton Group
    Through the Millennium partnership, we have the pleasure to support TAF's important work in boosting these innovations and speeding up practical solutions based on them.
    Kai Konola, CEO at Halton Group
    Halton Group is a family-owned Finnish company which operates globally and represents the very forefront of technological development in its field. Halton's persistent work and strong investments in technology and service innovations have created world-class know-how in Finland. We are very pleased to have this globally growing and knowledge-intensive company as our new partner.
    Eeva Sievi, COO of Technology Academy Finland TAF
    In recent years, the focus in eating out has shifted towards eating while travelling which is associated with commuting, business trips or holiday travel. At the same time, the popularity of conveniently situated smaller grocery outlets that are rather focused on selling take-away meals than seating a lot of customers has increased.
    Georges Gaspar, Director, Halton Foodservice
    We want our solutions to improve people’s health, wellbeing and productivity in indoor environments.
    Anu Saxén, Director, Halton Buildings
    We will offer our customers a transparent and easy project with optimal outcome leading to substantial energy savings and improved wellbeing of their staff.
    Georges Gaspar, Director, Halton Foodservice
    It is important to our customers that we can offer them state-of-the-art technology that also complies with the local standards. Our products aimed at the American market are U.L. and E.T.L. listed.
    Phil Meredith, Director of Halton Foodservice for the Americas region.
    Halton not only provides top quality products and state-of-the-art technologies, but their team of experts allowed us to challenge the status quo and develop an industry leading custom solution, which will allow us to bring our lively Geonbae restaurant to life while also helping us achieve our goal to incorporate smart technologies across the ship that help us limit our environmental impact.
    Frank Weber, Senior Vice President of Hotel operations for Virgin Voyages
    The world is becoming more and more urban, and there will be an increasing number of large indoor and public premises. At the same time, requirements concerning indoor air quality and environmentally friendly solutions that are also comfortable will make an already challenging job even harder.
    Anu Saxén, Director, Halton Buildings
    We have been working together with Halton before and therefore could rely on them to deliver quality and to do so within the timetable, also in an architecturally unique project like Oodi. Seeing the end result, I cannot help admiring the meticulous accuracy of the solutions and the supreme adjustment qualities.
    Tony Lindholm, project manager at Are Oy
    We concluded that Inoroom is a reputable and reliable partner whose earlier deliveries have all succeeded both in terms of schedule and budget. In addition, we value the reliability of an overall delivery.
    Project Director Kai Heiskanen from Carea Sairaalat Oy
    The acquisition of LCSystems supports our chosen strategy and accelerates the entry of our comprehensive solutions into the North American market, where we will continue to aim at significant growth as the industry-leading technology supplier
    Georges Gaspar, Director of Halton Foodservice
    We believe that a good indoor environment will also show in learning results, when people are feeling well and their energy level remains high.
    President Nakata of the Culinary Art College and President Samejima of the Pastry Art College of Taiwa Gakuen Education Inc.
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