New sustainability analysis available to one million of our savings customers

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More than one million Handelsbanken customers, who currently save in mutual funds and securities, will now be able to keep track of the sustainability performance of their investments via our new Sustainability Analysis service.

“With this new service, it will be easy for our customers to carry out a sustainability analysis on their own savings,” says Daniel Andersson, Head of Savings & Pension at Handelsbanken.

Through Handelsbanken’s Sustainability Analysis service, customers can, quickly and easily, carry out an analysis of various sustainability aspects of their savings – for mutual funds and equities in direct savings, as well as in ISAs and custody accounts.

This service has been developed in response to customer demand. The Sustainability Analysis service will initially be launched in Online Banking, and will soon become available in the app as well.

“In our investment advisory services, more than 68 per cent of Handelsbanken’s customers state that sustainability is important in their savings. We’re pleased that we’re able to respond to the increasing interest with this sustainability analysis, which makes it easier to keep track of this aspect,” says Daniel Andersson, Head of Savings & Pension at Handelsbanken.

Handelsbanken’s new service includes selected sustainability indicators that will provide customers with a quick and simple overview of their savings.

Our savings customers state that climate and the environment are the most important sustainability topics*, and this is an easy way for them to view their carbon footprint, the proportion of their savings that excludes fossil fuels and the EU classification of the mutual funds.

All the customer has to do in order to view a sustainability analysis of their personal savings is to select which part of their savings they wish to include, e.g. mutual funds, ISAs and custody accounts. The aggregated holdings are then automatically compiled into a sustainability analysis.

The rating and classification are at the mutual fund level, whereas the sustainability indicator, carbon footprint, and proportion that excludes fossil fuels, are calculated at an aggregate level for the customer’s individual savings.

Are there any more analysis services within the sustainability area in the pipeline?
“We are now looking forward to continuing the development of the Sustainability Analysis as more sustainability data becomes available, and based on our customers’ requirements,” says Linda Haraké, Head of Sustainability within business development at Savings & Pension.

Morningstar, an independent information provider which monitors 5,000 mutual funds in the Swedish market and provides sustainability data for more than 16,000 companies worldwide, has contributed to the development of this service. 

“Interest in sustainability among savings customers in Sweden continues to grow, but at the same time, many people find it difficult to know what sustainability actually means in relation to savings and investments. So we are very pleased to see that this interest has been picked up on by players who are trying to help savings customers to find their way through innovative solutions”, says Johanna Englundh, Editor at Morningstar.

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*SKI Savings (SKI Sparande) 2021