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    We have demonstrated, for the first time, that IdeS can enable transplantation for patients burdened by anti-HLA antibodies as the primary obstacle to transplantation. I am very happy that we by treatment with IdeS, have managed to help this patient to become transplanted.
    Emanuel Björne, CEO Hansa Medical AB (publ)
    We feel deeply honored sharing our visions regarding IdeS with these highly acclaimed experts in transplantation. A Medical Advisory Board of such dignity will provide us with invaluable support in the clinical trials of our lead candidate IdeS and in our endeavours trying to enable kidney transplantation for sensitised patients
    Emanuel Björne, CEO of Hansa Medical AB (publ)
    The Phase I trial demonstrates that IdeS is safe, fast and efficacious at the tested dose levels. For a new desensitization protocol, these are exactly the characteristics transplantation surgeons around the world are looking for. We now look forward to begin a Phase II study with patients awaiting kidney transplantation at Uppsala University Hospital during spring 2014. The performed Phase I study with IdeS is our greatest success to date. We are very happy and proud of this result.
    Emanuel Björne, CEO of Hansa Medical AB
    We are very pleased of VINNOVA’s strong support. The SEK 3.4 million will cover the costs of significant parts of seeing IdeS through a Phase II-study. This study will involve patients with renal failure, now waiting for kidney transplantation at Uppsala University Hospital. We seek to file a Phase II application with the Swedish Medical Products Agency subsequent to reporting the results from our on-going Phase I study. Results can be expected to be published in the beginning of 2014.
    Emanuel Björne, CEO of Hansa Medical AB
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