Ex Date

Key information relating to proposed NOK 20 – NOK 60 million rights issue to be carried out by Hiddn Solutions ASA, subject to the approval by an extraordinary general meeting of Hiddn Solutions ASA.

Date on which the terms and conditions of the preferential rights issue were announced: 23 December 2016

Last day including right: 18 January 2017

Ex-date: 19 January 2017

Record Date: 20 January 2017

Date of approval: 13 January 2017

Maximum number of new shares: 60,000,000 (up to 71,700,000 in the event the Rights Issue is fully described and the Board resolves to utilize its board authorization)

Subscription price: To be determined by the Board and will be announced by the Company prior to start of the subscription period

Will the rights be listed - yes/no: Yes

Other information: NOK 20 million of the rights issue has been underwritten. Reference is made to the notice of the extraordinary general meeting in Hiddn Solutions ASA announced through a stock exchange notification on 23 December 2016 for further information regarding the proposed rights issue of Hiddn Solutions ASA.

This information is published in accordance with the requirements of the Continuing Obligations.