Resolution of stock option plan and granted stock options

The Board of Acta Holding ASA has in the board meeting on 14th of August 2012, decided to implement a stock option plan for executives within the Acta group, limited to 12,5 million stock options. This plan is part of an employee incentive program in Acta, created for improved results, attract new employees and retain existing employees.

15th of August 7.75 million stock options are granted to 11 executives within the Acta group. Remaining not yet assigned stock options within the mentioned limit, will be granted to executives within the group at a later stage.

The total number of outstanding stock options after the allocation as of 15th of August 2012, are 13.26 million.

The strike price for granted options are priced at 105% of Acta share closing price on the dates options are granted. The strike price will however be reduced by the accumulated dividend paid in the period after the options have been granted.

Stock options awarded on 15th of August 2012 comprise a vesting period of 3 years, whereas 1/3 of granted stock options can be exercised within a period of three (3) days after filing interim results for the second quarter to the Oslo Stock Exchange, the next 3 consecutive years.

Please see the attachment hereto for details regarding the allocations to company insiders.

Contact information:

Merete Haugli, Chairman of the Board, Acta Holding ASA – phone +47 996 07 000

This information is subject of the disclosure requirements acc. to §5-12 vphl (Norwegian Securities Trading Act).


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