HiQ has been commissioned by a leading manufacturer in the automotive industry to create a simulator for testing and demonstrating new vehicle systems and interactive solutions. The assignment will be undertaken by a team of simulation specialists and systems developers. The initial value of the order for HiQ is SEK 2 million.

The purpose of the simulators is to reduce development times, minimise the number of physical prototypes and enable the virtual testing of products in situations that, for safety reasons, cannot be adequately replicated in authentic driving environments.

“The main idea behind the simulator is to support and simplify the development of new functions relating to the role of the driver, where interaction between the driver and the technical system is crucial for the result,” explains Torbjörn Alm at HiQ in Linköping, whose doctoral thesis involved an in-depth study of simulator-based design.

The assignment will be conducted based on the technical platform provided by ViP, the Swedish competence centre for virtual prototyping. Both HiQ and Sweden’s vehicle manufacturers are among the partners in ViP, together with the Swedish Transport Administration and the Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute, VTI. HiQ is engaged in a number of projects that seek to continue to develop the technical platform that constitutes the basis for the establishment of simulators and simulations.

“We are very proud to have been awarded this assignment. We also see it as recognition of the competence we possess in the field of simulation. This is an area that we have been able to develop over the past four years in ViP, but also with other highly demanding clients, including one of HiQ’s oldest for whom we are continuing to develop the simulator for the JAS 39 Gripen multirole fighter plane,” says Patrik Holm, Managing Director of HiQ Ace in Linköping.

“Over the years HiQ has acquired extensive experience of collaborating with different stakeholders in the automotive industry. Active safety systems and infotainment are just two of the areas in which HiQ is carrying out ground-breaking work. The future for the car industry is filled with exciting opportunities and challenges, and we look forward to being able to contribute to this with our competence,” says Lars Stugemo, President and CEO of HiQ.

For more information, please contact:
Lars Stugemo, President and CEO, HiQ. Tel. +46 8 588 90 000
Peter L. Häggström, Head of Corporate Communications, HiQ. Tel. +46 704 200 103
Patrik Holm, Managing Director, HiQ Ace. Tel. +46 708 44 99 76

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