First teaser for Lapland’s escape experience on skis released with a secret inside

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Pyhä, a ski resort in Finnish Lapland, will be the host of Escape Pyhä event that brings the escape room experience on skis for the first time in the world. The event has released a teaser trailer from the game “The Lost Spell” on Wednesday that holds a secret inside. People who can solve the secret have a chance to win a trip to the actual event in April and attend the escape experience with a friend.

“Escape Pyhä is arranged for the first time and our team was thinking of how to market an event that is built around secrets. The only possible answer was – with more secrets”, recalls Reino Tikkanen, director of marketing and digital business development at Pyhä Ski Resort.

The teaser trailer cannot reveal too much of the upcoming event, but in order to build excitement around the escape experience the organizers have left a secret inside the video. Everyone who solves the riddle has a chance to win a trip to Pyhä and try to solve the great mystery of "The Lost Spell". 

The first Escape Pyhä event is based on an original story of “The Lost Spell”, created by Pyhä Ski Resort and Escape Room Helsinki. The story utilizes a local legend called Huttu-Ukko. Huttu-Ukko is a giant wizard, protector of the fell and its surrounding nature. According to one story, when the national television broadcasting company was building a radio mast on the top of Pyhä fell in 1960s, the mast kept swaying all the time. Finally the foreman figured it out and ordered the crew to throw a television in the lake for Huttu-Ukko to explore. The swaying stopped and the work was completed.

“We believe that by building stories around skiing we can introduce new people to the wintery sport. For us skiing is not only a hobby, we believe it should be an adventure. Last year we launched a mobile game that utilizes GPS-tracking to provide content and routes that are not visual in the slope map. This year we will bring an escape adventure to a completely new environment”, Reino Tikkanen comments on the development of experiences at the ski resort.

Pyhä is located within 90 minutes bus drive from Rovaniemi and the Arctic Circle towards north. Last year Pyhä was chosen as the ski resort of the year in Finland. 

Escape Pyhä takes place on the slopes of Pyhä from the 7th of April until the 22nd of April 2018. The adventure lasts about 2-3 hours and requires only basic skiing skills. Escape Pyhä adventure will cost 10 € per player and the player will need to have a valid ski pass. The ongoing skiing season in Pyhä Ski Resort started on 16th of November 2017 and the slopes will be open until the beginning of May 2018.

See the teaser trailer and Pyhä Escape event details:

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Escape Room Helsinki is established in fall 2014 and is one of the first escape room companies in Finland. In three years we have offered 18 different escape rooms for players of all ages. We take pride in our exciting and compelling storylines, which most of them we create ourselves. We also offer VR-games and outdoor AR-games. Escape Room Helsinki offers real life room escape adventures right in the centre of Helsinki.   

Rukakeskus Corporation is family business, which has been in charge of slope operations of Ruka Ski Resort since 1973 and Pyhä Ski Resort since 1987. It’s one of the leading tourism companies in Finland and one of the market leaders in ski resort industry with nearly 20% share of ski pass sales. The companies operate in international and year-round tourism centres. Our core competence is slope business but we also operate in accommodation, rental shop and store businesses in both Ruka and Pyhä. Our turnover is approx. EUR 25 million and we employ about 160 people.




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