Lapland gears up for returning travellers with new exciting accommodation investments

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Travel company in Rovaniemi, Apukka Resort, invests nine million euros in Lappish Kammi Suites and developes their service retaining their praised authentic and personal customer experience. The tourism businesses whole-heartedly believe in the growth of Lapland’s travel industry post-Covid.

Just like the whole of Europe, Lapland is ready for tourism recovery. Finnish Lapland has wowed domestic travellers during the pandemic when borders have been closed but now, Lapland is gearing up for the coming winter season and the return of international customers.

Travellers come to Lapland to experience unique nature and natural phenomenon along with exciting programme services and one-of-a-kind accommodation. The region is certain that the industry will bounce back when the borders open up again and so, businesses are investing in the supply of varied programme services and accommodation.

– The extensive investment news of Apukka Resort Ltd strengthen the international and domestic significance of Rovaniemi as a travel destination, says Managing Director Sanna Kärkkäinen from Visit Rovaniemi. – According to Visit Rovaniemi, the investment will hold a higher significance within tourism recovery.

Lapland has space, security and gorgeous nature

The tourism industry has experienced strong growth in Lapland during the last decade: the number of registered overnight stays by international customers doubled during it. The accommodation sales in Lapland rose by 13% in 2019 before the pandemic.

Current tourism trends are on Lapland’s side. Finland, and Lapland especially, has had an excellent Covid-19 situation, one of the best in Europe, throughout the pandemic. Lapland is known for its captivating nature, low population density and outdoor activities.

– In tourism recovery, a more year-round quality of the industry will be revealed, and the special accommodations shall relate by offering unique seasonal nature experiences. Authentic stories combined with local experiences together with the health safe concept will be the leading assets of Rovaniemi on a global scale, Kärkkäinen says.

In Rovaniemi, the capital of Finnish Lapland, accommodation sales topped the region’s 2019 average with a 16-percent increase from the previous year, RevPAR (Revenue per available room) being comparable with Helsinki. Two-thirds of Rovaniemi’s visitors are from abroad. The biggest markets are China, Germany and the United Kingdom.

Apukka Resort continues its growth trajectory with big investment

In Rovaniemi, Apukka Resort strives towards strong growth with a comprehensive accommodation investment of nine million euros as tourism starts up again. The investment project’s main goals are to strengthen the resort’s capacity with unique types of accommodation and support the tourism recovery in Lapland.

The company had had fast and profitable growth after they started in 2017.

– Lapland will be one of the winners when tourism recovers because the region is sparsely populated and we have a safe, organized society, cleanliness and unique nature, CEO of Apukka Resort, Harri Mällinen, notes.

Apukka Resort’s investment includes 35 Lappish Kammi [hut] Suites, 15 Lappish Kammi Family Suites, a Kota restaurant and traditional saunas as well as an expansion of the current restaurant and reception. The first part of the investment project with 15–20 kammi suites and five family suites will be ready for the winter season 2021–2022.

The suites are ecological Lappish luxury with an authentic kammi-feel. They fit in two to four people and the family suites fit in up to six people.  The panorama windows give a unique chance to experience Lapland’s eight seasons; everything from the midnight sun, colorful Arctic autumn and Northern lights.

Since nature is at the forefront, Apukka Resort has focused on sustainability from the very beginning. It can be seen in many varied actions like using wood as a building material and building the premises in harmony with the surrounding nature. Additionally, the new bigger suites with a kitchenette and family suites with a kitchen make longer stays possible which betters sustainability as well as health security.

– We promise to love Lapland as it is, says Outi Huovinen, Head of Sales from Apukka Resort.


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Sanna Kärkkäinen, Managing Director
Visit Rovaniemi
+358 40 576 3414

Outi Huovinen, Head of Sales
Apukka Resort Ltd
+358 44 9803571


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