Northern Lights on your bucket list? With Aurora Alert Realtime, no more missed opportunities

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Seeing the magnificent Northern Lights is a must for many visitors in Lapland. Now Pyhä-Luosto, a ski and outdoor destination in Finnish Lapland, is the first to offer a real-time, free-of-charge alert system for all the visitors in the area.

The Pyhä-Luosto region rolled out a real-time Northern Lights alert system in November 2018. The system, known as Aurora Alert Realtime, will be offered free-of-charge to all visitors, as a first for Lapland’s tourist destination internationally. Visitors will be able to access the system via mobile data connection or using free Wi-Fi networks offered by local businesses. An Aurora Alert Realtime SMS service will also be available for a small charge.

Take it easy and let the Aurora Alert watch the sky for you

The Aurora Alert Realtime Northern Lights alert system can be activated on the and The customer’s mobile device will receive a notification when the Northern Lights are visible locally, which can last from a few minutes to up to an hour in ideal weather conditions. The system also indicates the intensity of the lights on a scale of 1 to 5, where 1 stands for the lowest visibility. So you can just relax and enjoy your dinner, hot sauna or sleep without worrying about missing the opportunity of a lifetime!

While the Northern Lights are usually associated with winter and snowy landscapes, the season in fact begins as early as September. In the future, the alert system will be active in Pyhä and Luosto resorts starting on 1st September.

Pics or didn’t happen

For many visitors, capturing the Northern Lights is as essential as seeing them. Aurora photography has a few tricks to it though, from picking the right gear to finishing the shot in post processing. For giving it your best shot, follow the Aurora Hunter’s Checklist on

The Aurora Alert Realtime system was developed by Reijo Kortesalmi at Aurora Alert Oy. System gives reliable information of the visibility of the Northern Lights because the technology is based on local sensors in Pyhä and in Luosto.

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