Polar Night Webcam Shows Off Magic of Northern Finland

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Polar Night comes to the Arctic every year, blanketing the North with warm colors and Blue Moments. And now, Arctic enthusiasts can experience Polar Night online with the new Kaamoskamera, a panoramic webcam in Enontekiö in Finnish Lapland.

From the beginning of December to mid-January, the small village of Hetta in Enontekiö (https://www.lapland.fi/visit/enontekio-kilpisjarvi-finland-northern-lights/) has no sunrises or sunsets. Instead of daylight, they are gifted with kaamos, or the Polar Night (https://www.lapland.fi/visit/polar-night-colors-magical-time/). Enontekiö’s new Kaamoskamera allows viewers to see the effects of Polar Night for themselves, the pink horizon, the dark skies, pale clouds and Lapland’s famous Blue Moments, when the snow cover and low light combine for a truly magical moment.

24 Hours of Darkness? Not Quite …

Enontekiö’s Kaamoskamera can be viewed anytime at enontekio.fi/kunta-ja-hallinto/viestinta-2/kaamoskamera-polar-night-live/ The camera overlooks the village center while the northernmost fells of the Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park rise in the distance. The camera also offers potential travelers to northern Finland a view of the weather in Hetta. The camera posts an update every 5 minutes.

Time after time

Another feature of the Kaamoskamera is the ability to watch time-lapses from custom dates. Set the calendar and sit back, watching as days brighten to pink and orange before fading through magical blue and back to night. In addition to being fully embeddable, you can share the camera on Facebook and Twitter or send it via email to a friend.

More information

Heli Nurmi, Culture and communication coordinator, Enontekiö: heli.nurmi@enontekio.fi, tel +358 40 538 0712