Snow fight in July in Finnish Lapland – First SummerYukigassen organized in Kemijärvi

The first ever Summer European Championships in Yukigassen snowball fighting will be held at Kemijärvi, Finnish Lapland on Saturday 8th of July 2017.

Yukigassen, which stands for ’’snow battle’’ in Japanese, is a game originating from Japan similar to capture the flag, but with snowballs! The game has gained popularity around the world, and is nowadays played in several countries from Australia to Norway around the year both in- and outdoors.

Yukigassen will be played at Kemijärvi next winter already for the 23rd time, and this year Yukigassen Finland has brought the winter fun under the midnight sun by preserving real snow for the first-ever summer competition!

Gather up your friends, family or group of colleagues and sign up for a day of winter fun in July! Following the official rules of Yukigassen- snowball fighting competitions, the teams can consist of up to 10 players (minimum 3 females), of which 7 players and the captain will be on the field at once. Participation fee is 150€ per team, and the first 16 teams to sign up will compete for the Summer European Championship on Saturday 8th of July at 10AM.  Finals begin at 3:30PM and 3 best teams will be awarded.

After the games you have an opportunity to enjoy the Nightless Night –music festival held in town the same weekend!

IMPORTANT! All players must have their own insurance. Come equipped with unified team outfits and cheery attitude!


For more information and to sign up

Check the website  and email 

or contact  

Ari Pöyliö +358 40 596 1807
Tuula Kuusikko +358 400 338 941
Yukigassen Finland

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