Hufvudstaden the winner in 2020 CSI survey

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The most satisfied office tenants in the industry are to be found at Hufvudstaden. Once again, Hufvudstaden came out on top in the Fastighetsbarometern survey, which takes the pulse of office tenants every year.

Our steadfast commitment at Hufvudstaden is to unfailingly deliver optimal service to our tenants. This spring and summer, the Covid-19 pandemic affected every aspect of our society; many have heeded the advice of the Public Health Agency of Sweden and have worked from home wherever possible. The focus has been on helping to reduce transmission of the virus to protect the frailest members of society. At Hufvudstaden, we are delighted to have won this year’s CSI survey once again, even though it has been a highly unusual year.

From a customer focus perspective, the annual Fastighetsbarometern Customer Satisfaction Survey is an important yardstick. For the third year running, Hufvudstaden came out on top in the Large Cap category, with a score of 83 out of 100. The average score for the industry as a whole was 75. The company had the highest score for location, contact person, fault notification and information. An impressive 89 per cent of tenants surveyed would recommend Hufvudstaden to others.

“We are extremely proud of our position in the survey and regard it as evidence that our focus on the customer is a winning concept. Our commitment and responsiveness are what have put us at the top again this year, demonstrating that we do not compromise on our high level of service regardless of the economic trend,” says Ivo Stopner, president of Hufvudstaden.

Quality and long-term customer relations are important cornerstones of the company’s business concept. At Hufvudstaden, we are working constantly to enhance the level of service and develop customer service to help our tenants reach new levels of success in our properties.

Stockholm, October 15, 2020

Hufvudstaden AB (publ)

Ivo Stopner

Fact file: The organisations behind Fastighetsbarometern are the Swedish Property Federation and the consulting firm CFI. Further details about Fastighetsbarometern are available at

For more information please contact:
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Hufvudstaden owns properties and leases office and retail premises in central Stockholm and central Gothenburg. The holdings comprise some 30 properties with rentable floor space of around 385,000 square metres. The market value of the property holdings is approximately SEK 46 billion. The company has around 130 employees.

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