Hufvudstaden welcomes lululemon to Stockholm

lululemon, a Canadian healthy lifestyle-inspired athletic brand, is due to open its first permanent store in the Nordic Region in summer 2018. The store, approximately 200 square metres in size, will be in Hufvudstaden’s property at Smålandsgatan 20, located in Bibliotekstan in central Stockholm.

Founded in Vancouver, Canada in 1998, lululemon is the brand defining an active, mindful lifestyle - creating design-led products that empower people to live a life they love. In addition to offering the brand's latest collections for men and women, the new 200m2 retail space transforms into a studio, offering complimentary classes to the local community led by lululemon's yoga and fitness ambassadors.

"Hufvudstaden’s aim is to offer successful retail and office tenants prime business locations in central Stockholm and central Gothenburg. I am extremely pleased that lululemon has decided to establish operations in one of Hufvudstaden’s properties in Bibliotekstan,"

said Emanuel Westin,

Head of Business Development Retail, Stockholm, Hufvudstaden.

The establishment of lululemon is entirely in line with the Hufvudstaden strategy of developing the area around Biblioteksgatan. lululemon’s centrally located store at Norrmalmstorg will contribute to reinforcing Bibliotekstan as the foremost shopping destination in Scandinavia.

Stockholm April, 10, 2018


Emanuel Westin

Head of Business Development Retail, Stockholm


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