Launch on Amazon and increased e-commerce sales

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Pändy Foods has come to an agreement with a partner to sell the product range on Amazon EU, where the English and German markets are the first to launch. During the period, the company have also experienced strong sales growth in its own e-commerce during the second quarter.

Pändy has for a period of time prepared the product range and conditions for launching the products through its own store on Amazon. The company has now come to an agreement with an established sales partner to launch on Amazon EU. Initially, the products will be available in England and Germany, and later be rolled out to additional markets. During the year, the ambition is to expand further with distribution and launches on Amazon US and Asia.

Additionally, as result of increased demand, partly driven by COVID-19 but also by platform improvement projects, the company e-commerce store has experienced a considerable increase in turnover and multiplied sales during the second quarter. There has also been a strong demand from external online retailers with increased orders and campaign activation.

“We see a very positive trend for our online sales, both in our own e-commerce and through our external retailers. Of course, COVID-19  is a factor where these types of products have had a general upswing in e-commerce. At the same time, we have also had exceptionally good timing with intensive work on our own platform to broaden the range, optimization, and improved efficiency, which all contributes to a higher conversion rate. With the key figures and markedly higher ROAS (Return on Ad Spend), we now have a good opportunity to scale sales and marketing profitably. We will also continue to work with optimization and a wider range and hope to grow our e-commerce further during the year. There are several examples of successful players in the US and the UK with healthy snack products directly to consumers. With the right conditions and strategy, we can do a similar journey in the Nordic countries and Europe with Pändy” – Simon Petrén, VD Pändy Foods AB

Pändy Foods is a subsidiary of Bayn Europe, with a range of healthier snacks and on-the-go products. The brand is sold and marketed through its own e-commerce, online retailers and to distributors in over 20 markets.

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Bayn Europe is an independent supplier of cutting edge and healthy sugar reduction solutions for the food and beverage industry. Bayn’s plant based ingredient solutions, refined through scientific research and extensive market experience, facilitate new healthier formulations and recipes focused on taste and texture to help food and beverage companies to reduce sugar and calories in their products. For more information

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