ICA Gruppen’s nomination committee appointed

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ICA Gruppen’s nomination committee ahead of the 2022 Annual General Meeting has been appointed. The Nomination Committee’s members are Tomas Emanuelz and Anna-Karin Liljeholm, both representing ICA-handlarnas Förbund, Patrik Jönsson, representing SEB Investment Management, and Emma Englén, representing Spiltan Fonder.

In accordance with a resolution by the 2021 Annual General Meeting, ICA Gruppen’s nomination committee shall be composed of four members who have who have expressed an interest in nominating a member(s) to the Nomination Committee. Of these three shareholders, the largest shareholder in terms of voting rights is entitled to appoint two members and the next two largest shareholders in terms of voting rights are entitled to appoint one member each. The Nomination Committee will draft recommendations to the 2022 Annual General Meeting for a person to serve as AGM chairman, board members, the Chairman of the Board, and the auditor or auditors.

The Nomination Committee will also draw up recommendations for directors’ fees, broken down by the Chairman of the Board and other board members as well as fees for committee work and fees for the company’s auditor.

In all the Nomination Committee represents approximately 57 per cent of the votes and capital in ICA Gruppen (based a list of shareholders provided by Euroclear Sweden AB as per the last trading day in August 2021). Shareholders who wish to submit proposals to the Nomination Committee are requested to do so by not later than 31 December 2021, by email to arsstamma@ica.se or by letter to ICA Gruppen AB, attn. Per Behm, SE-169 04 Solna, Sweden.


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