ICA Gruppen’s Sustainability Report for second quarter 2017

Continued decrease in GHG emissions and new circular system for reducing food waste.

“By virtue of our size we have a great responsibility, but on top of this we also clearly see that sustainability is a driver of growth. We see it in our figures, and it is also evident in numerous, independent studies. Companies with effective sustainability work are on average more profitable and deliver higher returns to their shareholders,” says Per Strömberg, CEO ICA Gruppen in his comments on the report.

See the Sustainability Report for more information, including:

  • ICA Gruppen’s greenhouse gas emissions decreased by 41% during the period July 2016–June 2017 compared with the base year 2006.
  • Continued growth in sales of ecolabelled, organic and ethically labelled products in ICA Sweden’s central assortment. In total, sales of such products during the period July 2016–June 2017 grew 8% compared with the corresponding period a year ago.
  • New packaging contributing to lower food waste. By changing over to a new form of packaging for large parts of the meat range, considerably longer shelf life has been achieved as well as improved flavour.
  • Food waste becomes fish in circular system. Waste from potatoes is being used to breed insects, which in turn are being used as fish feed for Arctic char sold under ICA Sweden’s private label.
  • During the spring Apotek Hjärtat changed over to using plastic bags made of sugar cane. When incinerated the bags produce 85% less CO2than petroleum-based bags.

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ICA Gruppen AB (publ) is a leading retail company with a focus on food and health. The Group includes ICA Sweden and Rimi Baltic which mainly conduct grocery retail, ICA Real Estate which owns and manages properties, ICA Bank which offers financial services and Apotek Hjärtat which conducts pharmacy operations. The Group also includes Hemtex. For more information see icagruppen.se