Hafslund upgrades to IFS Applications 8

IFS, the global enterprise applications company, announces that the Norwegian company Hafslund, one of the largest listed utility companies in the Nordic region, has chosen to upgrade to IFS Applications™ version 8 to streamline business processes and improve project management.

Hafslund has been using IFS Applications to standardize and streamline its business processes for more than a decade. Since the beginning, the company has worked in close collaboration with IFS to help fine-tune enhanced features for the IFS energy and utilities industry solution.

In order to maximize the efficiency of its project-oriented business processes, and to further harmonize its IT environment, Hafslund has decided to upgrade to IFS Applications 8.

“We look forward to implementing IFS Applications 8, which will give us an enhanced user interface and support our operational needs in a more functional way,” Hafslund CFO Heidi Ulmo says. “IFS is a central part of Hafslund’s day-to-day operations, and an upgraded version of the system will contribute to further improving our efficiency.”

“We are pleased to be able to continue our long and mutually beneficial relationship with Hafslund,” IFS Scandinavia CEO Glenn Arnesen says. “The energy and utilities industry is becoming increasingly competitive, driving the need for agile business solutions with deep industry functionality. In IFS Applications 8, we have aggregated our extensive experience from the energy and project-based industries, which is why we are confident that version 8 will support Hafslund’s business needs.”

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About Hafslund ASA
In Norway, Hafslund is the largest distribution network owner, the largest power sales provider, and a significant producer of renewable energy. Renewable energy and enhanced energy efficiency are key elements in the quest for a resolution to the challenges of climate change, and Hafslund has been producing electricity from environmentally friendly hydropower for more than a century. Hafslund is now heavily committed to the development of bioenergy and district heating, in order to meet future energy needs. The company is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange and has approximately 1000 employees

More information is available at www.hafslund.no

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