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    Mark is a leader with a strong reputation for developing outstanding customer relationships; they value his empathy and visionary mindset in helping them achieve transformational results no matter their levels of maturity
    Darren Roos
    There could not be a tighter alignment with our own customer success strategy and our unrelenting goal to deliver a great experience and help all our customers realize value from their investment in our technology. I am delighted to have Mark join us and bring his strong multinational and industry expertise to IFS
    Darren Roos
    I have been following IFS’s amazing growth and transformation journey over the last three and half years; the results are inspirational. Being given the opportunity to shape IFS’s customer experience and focus further as the company targets further growth is truly exciting. I very much look forward to building on the great foundations that have been established and to working closely with customers everywhere to elevate the value IFS delivers and help companies grow their business in turn
    Mark Moffat
    Large businesses are likely to incur much higher costs and other negative financial impacts because of the measures they are taking to mitigate disruption. Onshoring the supply chain will often lead to having to invest in more expensive raw materials or product components, especially as inflation ramps up, while keeping stock on hand will tie up significant sums that could otherwise be ‘working’ for the business.
    Maggie Slowik
    Businesses urgently need to find a solution that can help them to manage this disruption, which with price volatility is escalating ever further, transition to a circular economy and address the supply chain complexities we are dealing with today. To do this, especially when skills are in short supply, they will ultimately need to invest in technology that delivers the agility and fast time to insight that they need to better forecast demand. By addressing it now efficiently and cost-effectively, they will put themselves in a great position to not only survive but also thrive long into the future.
    Maggie Slowik
    “We have built a close collaborative working relationship with IFS and have always been impressed with the quality and functionality of their solutions and their experience and expertise across the energy sector. The decision to upgrade to IFS Cloud was an intuitive one for us. We are confident that the scalability and power of the solution will enable us to expand our business dynamically by bringing in innovative new technologies to drive operational efficiencies and growth.”
    Katrine Eide, VP QHSE / Chief Compliance Officer, Interwell
    “Interwell is a fast-growing, ambitious energy services company which has always been forward-thinking and willing to embrace the latest innovative technologies to drive their business goals. We are thrilled that they have decided to expand their relationship with us by opting to upgrade to IFS Cloud. We are looking forward to working with them in the years to come to further guide them on their journey to ongoing operational success.”
    Ann-Kristin Sander, Managing Director, Nordics, IFS
    Despite Singapore’s seemingly smaller market base, most of Asia Pacific’s key accounts regional HQ are based here. We see large corporations with over 1Bn USD annual turnover reaching out to IFS as the superior alternative to established Enterprise Solutions.
    Wesley Kowalski, IFS Vice-President of ASEAN, China and India
    Ease of data sharing is a key component in the Rolls-Royce IntelligentEngine vision, which sees a future in which our aero engines are increasingly connected, contextually aware, and even comprehending. Working with IFS Maintenix to ensure we receive accurate and timely engine life data will help us as we make further progress toward that objective by helping us deliver greater levels of reliability and efficiency to our operators.
    Richard Goodhead, Rolls-Royce, SVP Marketing – Civil Aerospace
    IFS Applications 9 stood out as it not only fits our current requirements, but it also can adapt to our future needs. Combining the solution with the integration expertise of Thirteen Consulting Group gives us confidence in quickly realizing value from the project
    Diana Cobaleda, IT Director for Casino Gran Madrid
    IFS has shown remarkable business growth catering to companies in these markets. Therefore through collaboration with IFS, we have become strategic partners that will provide mutual growth benefits.
    Jong-do Hyeon, Leading Partner of Enterprise Applications Group at Deloitte Consulting in South Korea
    Thanks to IFS Applications, we are now well on our way to achieving our goal of having the most effective IT department amongst our peers. Looking back on the rapid implementation of IFS Applications, we feel confident that we will see an equally rapid return on our investment, both through a reduction of redundant data sources and through increased user efficiency.
    Päivi Redig, CIO, Rusta
    We selected IFS because its multi-site capabilities will give us complete visibility at all points in the service and repair chain, and enable us to expand our range of services and level of interaction with our customers.
    Hart Levine, DSL Ltd. vice president, finance
    We are proud that our commitment to customer satisfaction is recognized by our industry peers. Our customers’ success is a priority, and our 98 percent ongoing maintenance and support renewal rate, and our overall 94 percent more-than-satisfied customer rating, tells us we are on the right track.
    Cindy Jaudon, president and CEO of IFS Americas
    The implementation is a strategic initiative to ensure more efficient project execution throughout our value chain. Apply Sørco has grown substantially over the past years, which means that we are managing increasingly large and complex projects. IFS Applications enables us to continue to grow and deliver on-time projects with higher quality and increased efficiency.
    Tove Tyberø, Senior Vice President, Apply Sørco
    We ultimately chose IFS over the competition because of their experience and reputation in the mining industry, and the fact that IFS got its start on the asset side opposed to the finance side.
    Tim Goris, Unimin’s director of project management
    After many years of working together with IFS, we are preparing for further growth, also in new countries around the world. To achieve this in the most efficient way possible, we need an agile and reliable business system that can offer us a central platform and a unified way of working. We are convinced that IFS Applications will help us reach this goal.
    Morten Fon, CEO, Jotun
    IFS World Conference 2015 is a fantastic opportunity for our customers, partners, and the broader IFS community to be inspired and connect in a unique environment which lends itself well to learning, sharing and networking. Over the three days delegates will hear about the latest business technology trends and innovations which help businesses adapt to change and achieve greater efficiency. We’re delighted to already have some great partners signed up as well as many pre-registration requests.
    Mark Boulton
    We are very happy to announce this strategically important customer win. The Port of Dover is the busiest port for passenger and ro-ro freight traffic in the UK and we are convinced that IFS Applications is the perfect choice to provide business transparency, control, and improved efficiency.
    Paul Massey, managing director, IFS Europe West
    We chose to initiate this global project with IFS because we are looking to implement a system that will support and optimize our core business areas. We believe that IFS will help us realize major benefits in areas such as customer interaction, field staff utilization, project management, and back office administration.
    Tim King, Group VP Operations, Polygon
    We chose IFS Applications because it offered us a comprehensive and proven industry solution that could standardize our business processes. We are convinced that IFS Applications will support and make our operations even more efficient and robust.
    Bjørnar Iversen, CEO, Songa Offshore
    We chose IFS Applications because it offered us the best blend of multi-site, global capabilities coupled with robust features for product configuration, project management, and supply chain. Another important factor was the ease with which we can configure the system ourselves while still maintaining a standard upgrade path to future releases.
    Lorraine Rock, Global Supply Chain Director, Wrights Group
    The partnership enables us to leverage one of the world’s leading EAM, scheduling, and maintenance software providers.
    Javier de la Cuerda, Vice President IT Consulting, division of Schneider Electric
    We expect that total savings resulting from the implementation will let us raise our EBITDA margin by at least 145,000 euros per year and reduce the working capital by approximately 240,000 euros.
    Marcin Rusiecki, Vice President of the Board, Radpol SA
    Using IFS Applications should significantly improve how we manage our maintenance and inventory, and provide additional controls that will help us meet increasingly strict regulatory requirements.
    Pharr Smith, Senior Vice President of Operations Support, Rowan Companies plc
    Our existing computerized maintenance management system was not providing the business benefits we needed. Using IFS Applications should significantly improve how we manage our maintenance and inventory, and provide additional controls that will help us meet increasingly strict regulatory requirements. The IFS user interface is intuitive and easy to use, which should drive better adoption by our employees.
    Pharr Smith, Senior Vice President of Operations Support, Rowan
    We selected IFS Applications for its proven track record in the shipbuilding industry. IFS understands our business and, because of its global presence, the company is able to support us anywhere in the world, enabling us to work with one core ERP system.
    Dave Vander Heyde, CFO, IHC Merwede
    We chose IFS Applications because it offered the best combination of comprehensive process support and flexibility, all part of the standard industry solution. Another deciding factor was the experience and skill of the IFS consultants coupled with IFS’s global delivery capabilities, which we believe will minimize the time to value throughout our international network of subsidiaries and distributors.
    Anders Svensson, CFO, Aura Light International
    Closely followed by the ability to handle our complex business needs, we were looking for a partner with an extensive ecosystem of alliances able to simplify and eliminate a number of applications and redundant data sources. IFS proved superior in its ability to translate business needs rapidly into our new wall-to-wall application strategy. Our goal of establishing the most effective IT department among our peers will be greatly served by the partnership with IFS.
    Päivi Redig, CIO, Rusta
    We are pleased that IFS has once again been chosen as partner by a best-in-class retailer with global operations looking to accelerate business improvement and international growth. IFS has a proven track record of delivering on the requirements of the fast-paced retail sector and we look forward to playing an active role in the execution of Rusta’s ambitious business plan.
    Glenn Arnesen, CEO, IFS Scandinavia
    A new integrated business platform is a key element in our strategic project portfolio of enablers as we look to double our revenues over the coming five years. We were looking for a solution that could secure our future needs across our various business areas and IFS stood out as the vendor that best fulfilled our requirements.
    Göran Westerberg, CEO, Rusta
    We chose IFS Applications to support our businesses as it was the best overall fit, met all the software requirements of our member companies and has proven success in other project-based companies.
    NAN Executive Director Jon Zimbeck
    We needed a solution that could consolidate twelve complex businesses on one standard platform for improved business process automation. We chose IFS Applications to support our businesses as it was the best overall fit, met all the software requirements of our member companies and has proven success in other project-based companies.
    NAN Executive Director Jon Zimbeck
    Our goal at IFS is to offer software that closes these functional gaps for companies working with multiple manufacturing modes, across multiple locations and divisions and across multiple countries of operation. That is why we are rated by Technology Evaluation Centers as dominant in ERP for multiple mode manufacturing and engineer to order manufacturing.
    IFS Americas President and CEO Cindy Jaudon
    Our solutions have helped facilitate over $110 million of direct savings through this partnership, at the same time as helping maintain an excellent level of material availability. The receipt of this award is evidence of the strong, effective relationship that has existed between IFS and GE Aviation since 2001.
    IFS North America Vice President of Defense Dan Norrish
    At IFS Labs, we have already launched these enterprise 2.0 features into our ERP suite, IFS Applications, with a feature called IFS Talk.
    IFS Labs Director David Anderson
    As one of the first business applications vendors, IFS will be able to offer its customers the advanced security and management features of Samsung KNOX, protecting enterprise data from leakage, malware, and malicious attacks.
    Dr. Injong Rhee, Senior Vice President of Technology Strategy, KNOX Business and B2B R&D Group at Samsung Electronics
    2013 has been a seminal year for IFS in terms of mobile solutions, providing us with an even greater incentive to continue our product investments in this area. The move toward mobile business is a pervasive trend that will continue to impact profitability and efficiency throughout every organization—from the factory floor to the boardroom. IFS is ready for this business transformation and will continue to design solutions to support mobile requirements in our target industries.
    Martin Gunnarsson, IFS Director
    By certifying IFS Applications on Windows Azure we give our customers the choice to deploy IFS Applications on-premises, or in the cloud. We choose to do this on Windows Azure since it provides a complete technology stack to run IFS Applications, and because of the growing interest for Windows Azure.
    Dan Matthews, IFS CTO
    As one of the first business applications vendors, IFS will be able to offer its customers the advanced security and management features of Samsung KNOX, protecting enterprise data from leakage, malware, and malicious attacks. By creating a secure zone on the device for corporate applications and data, the user’s personal data is kept private.
    Dr. Injong Rhee, Senior Vice President of Technology Strategy, KNOX Business and B2B R&D Group at Samsung Electronics
    In the first quarter of 2013, we conducted our annual IFS customer satisfaction survey of more than 8,000 contacts and I am pleased to see our satisfaction levels have continued to be positive. I monitor these survey results and listen closely to our customers’ feedback, which helps IFS address their needs better. This year we found that overall 96 percent of our customers were more than satisfied with IFS.
    IFS Americas President and CEO Cindy Jaudon
    IFS has a long history of supporting power generation companies and utilities and we believe that the Gartner placements confirm our unique position in this industry.
    IFS Industry Director, Energy & Utilities, Colin Beaney
    With this release, IFS delivers to the marketplace everything from one supplier. Multiple native mobility platforms, extremely broad and deep functionality and the tight integration to the world’s most powerful dynamic scheduling engine means we offer one-stop shopping from a company with a track record as a low-risk alternative.
    IFS North America Senior Vice President Larry Laux
    We selected IFS Applications because of its pull-manufacturing functionality, which makes it possible to produce products based on customers’ delivery time. Other important drivers were the solution’s open architecture, enabling us to develop additional functionality, as well a reduced total cost of ownership. The implementation was completed quickly and on schedule. By deploying IFS Applications, we will benefit from an optimized global manufacturing system and quicker start-up periods for new factories.
    Fumitoshi Miyashita, NEC Senior Manager of Manufacturing and Process Industries Solutions Development Division, Enterprise Business Unit
    “We are very pleased to be recognized as a leader in this industry sector. Successfully launching IFS Applications 8 in 2012 has enabled our customers to benefit from many product improvements in such areas as user experience, mobile workforce, business intelligence, cloud computing, and global business. Our customers are able to benefit from world class implementation and support directly with IFS on a global basis, or through our growing partner ecosystem of global systems integrators.”
    IFS President and CEO Alastair Sorbie
    Given our plans to expand the business internationally, we needed to replace our old business systems and consolidate our processes into one integrated solution that could support our project-based operations. The evaluation phase proved that IFS Applications could encompass virtually all processes in our business while being versatile in meeting the challenges of our units and their individual characteristics. We believe that IFS will help us become even more competitive as a manufacturer and help us increase our global presence.
    Alvaro Martinez de Lagos, CEO, Goizper Group
    “IFS has a strong foothold with the type of industrial companies we tend to serve in the upper Midwest and the rest of the United States. In an environment where middle market and large enterprises are increasingly risk averse, IFS, with its conservative approach, will be an excellent fit for complex industrial organizations.”
    Enterprise Consulting CEO Mike Tapper
    We chose IFS because we wanted a consistent and user-friendly system that could handle incident reporting, preparation of statistics, and electronic reporting to authorities. We also wanted the ability to use such information in our risk assessment. The solution will give us a noticeably better decision-making tool and will improve our security-related work.
    Dag Falk-Petersen, CEO, Avinor
    Since the first implementation in 1999, we have established a good working relation with IFS. By leveraging IFS Applications 8 as our central platform, we will be able to further streamline our operations and move towards a standard business system.
    Mette Ungersness Bakke, chairman of Wilhelmsen IT Services
    Our choice was motivated by IFS’s proven track record in the energy industry and its consultants’ deep knowledge and understanding of the specifics of our sector. IFS Applications 8 best met our requirements for financial and project management in a single solution, which will help us achieve our business goals.
    Helsinki Energy Group Services Director Kauno Kaija
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