Radpol Group selects IFS Applications 8

IFS, the global enterprise applications company, announces that Radpol Group, a Polish manufacturer and supplier of best-of-breed solutions for the heating and energy sector, has chosen IFS Applications™ 8 to support its business-critical processes. The system will be implemented in four manufacturing facilities owned by Radpol. The project is expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2015.


The Radpol Group, listed on the Warsaw stock exchange, manufactures heat transfer systems, products for the energy market, plastic water supply and sewage pipes, and gas pipe systems. The group operates five manufacturing sites in Poland: Radpol (in Człuchów), Finpol-Rohr, Elektroporcelana Ciechów, Wirbet, and Rurgaz. Radpol's products are also exported to a number of European countries such as Italy, Germany, Denmark, Finland, Switzerland, Sweden, Lithuania, Estonia, Czech Republic, and Russia.

In order to improve operational efficiency, the board of the Radpol Group decided to implement a new ERP system. Following an extensive evaluation involving several products, the company chose IFS Applications. One of the main reasons behind the decision was IFS's experience in working closely with companies in the energy and manufacturing sectors.

As Radpol’s enterprise management system, IFS Applications 8 will cover all key areas, including manufacturing, distribution, HR and payroll, maintenance, financials and accounting, as well as business analytics.

“We expect the new system to help us improve the operational efficiency of the entire group,” Marcin Rusiecki, Vice President of the Board, Radpol SA, said. “Through better production workflow planning and stock accuracy optimization, we will be able to reduce our working capital. The manufacturing and supply chain areas should bring us the most significant savings. Business data access and communication between our subsidiaries, enabled by the system, will enhance the integration of the group. We expect that total savings resulting from the implementation will let us raise our EBITDA margin by at least 145,000 euros per year and reduce the working capital by approximately 240,000 euros.”

The implementation project is currently under way at four manufacturing facilities: Radpol (in Człuchów), Elektroporcelana Ciechów, Wirbet, and Rurgaz. In addition, the Radpol Group plans to implement IFS Applications in Finpol-Rohr, which was acquired in June, 2013.

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We expect that total savings resulting from the implementation will let us raise our EBITDA margin by at least 145,000 euros per year and reduce the working capital by approximately 240,000 euros.
Marcin Rusiecki, Vice President of the Board, Radpol SA