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IFS delivers connected operations for global enterprises with October 2022 release of IFS Cloud

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Miami, Florida, UNITED STATES, October 12, 2022 – IFS, the global cloud enterprise software company, has announced the October 2022 release of its cloud-based solution, IFS Cloud. In this second communication from its global community event, IFS UNLEASHED, the company details new capabilities that will help global companies connect operations across sites, functions, people, and assets. The 2022 autumn release is the second in IFS's bi-annual release cycle and brings to customers new features and capabilities that further strengthen their ability to compete and scale globally.

As companies face pressures to reduce complexity and operate consistently across their entire business, they need capabilities that help them serve customers faster, reduce downtime, and meet compliance requirements.  

Highlights of the new capabilities include:

Visualize global transactions: Manage and visualize operations across multiple currency rates. Improve productivity in currency exchange tasks with the ability to import currency rates automatically to save time in currency exchange. [Finance]

Manage global absence limitations: Set and manage absence limits based on each country's absence requirements, providing HR teams with a full absence view from multiple countries.[Human Capital Management]

Secondment for work tasks: Define employees in the record of one company and make them available as employees and resources in other companies. Allow joint ventures, subsidiaries, and inter-company processing to reduce HR administration and simplify technician task reporting. [Enterprise Asset Management]

Reduce the risk of contract start delays: Initiate the procurement process for parts in one legal entity and conclude it in another. The cost of part replenishment transfers from the asset-owning company to a different company. Enable Maintenance and Procurement Managers to prepare for operations in new legal entities earlier by managing the transition between contracts. [Enterprise Asset Management]

Deliver service more efficiently: Manage a portfolio of repeatable installed products and assets of increasing complexity. Deliver service efficiently in high-volume asset and product service scenarios. [Service Management]

Expand shift planning capabilities: Ensure the right resources, with the right skills, are available for scheduling, including on-call scenarios, with enhancements to the dispatch console for managing in-flight work. [Service Management]

Reallocate field technician jobs: Let dispatchers locate and communicate with the field technicians more easily to reallocate jobs when needed. Identify and resolve any issues to ensure service levels are achieved. [Service Management]

Reduce aircraft turn-around-time: Reduce turn-around time with the introduction of a new solution for MRO Service Providers performing third-party line maintenance and other customers that have aircraft requiring maintenance. Reduce the time of aircraft maintenance work and increase compliance in line with customer requirements. [Aviation Maintenance]

In combination, these new capabilities offer organizations increased operational efficiency and process optimization, which is crucial to global enterprises' growth.

Christian Pedersen, Chief Product Officer, IFS, commented: "As businesses grow and branch out into new international markets, they face a range of new challenges around regulation, market practices, and operating approaches. Our October release of IFS Cloud provides businesses with the capabilities they need to navigate these challenges and thrive on the global stage." Pedersen continued: "Through our IFS Cloud solution, we deliver software that can flex and evolve to meet the growing needs of our customers both today and long into the future. This autumn release is the latest evidence of exactly what we can provide to the modern global enterprise."

For more information about the October 2022 release of IFS Cloud, please visit: https://www.ifs.com/assets/cloud/what-is-new-in-ifs-cloud-22r2

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