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  • The Swedish municipality Upplands-Bro chooses iioote's Platform WebIoT for IoT-connected meters and sensors in the project "Where technology meets nature"

The Swedish municipality Upplands-Bro chooses iioote's Platform WebIoT for IoT-connected meters and sensors in the project "Where technology meets nature"

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Gothenburg 2022-06-22

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In the innovation project "Where technology meets nature", Upplands-Bro municipality uses "Internet of Things" devices to measure and collect useful information and thereby make operations more effective and make data available to the public where iioote's platform WebIoT – made by iioote plays a central role.

WebIoT, developed by iioote, is a flexible, scalable and web based IoT cloud platform with integrated AI that is used to manage IoT devices and develop end-to-end applications. State-of-the-art IoT technology makes WebIoT compatible with most devices and sensors available in the IoT market. WebIoT is based on open standards such as MQTT, Rest API, HTTPS, SSL and does not use proprietary protocols.

iioote continuously integrates new and high-quality sensors into WebIoT. This ensures that the very latest and greatest performing sensors on the market are always available for use in iioote's solutions. WebIoT can be used in with any type of IoT networking technology, such as LPWAN/LoRaWAN, NB-IoT, LTE-M, WAN, or LAN. It's easy to add new features in the form of new types of devices or solutions. WebIoT can run as a service in iioote's cloud environment, any cloud service provider, or on-premises with a license.

"A few years ago, I had an idea to connect a swimming- and recreation area with IoT and visualize data to create better service to residents. A team with representatives from different parts of the municipality was formed and created the project. Together with our partner, iioote AB, we are now releasing a first version of the solution where data from, for example, vacant parking spaces in real time, bathing and air temperature, visitor statistics and connected lifebuoy with alarms. This is a very good example of how technology can provide even better service to the residents of Upplands-Bro. Digitalisation plays an important role in the development of the municipality's work," says Mattias Rindefors, Innovation Coordinator at the Digitalisation and IT Unit in Upplands-Bro Municipality.

Robert Spertina, CEO & Head of IoT at iioote, comments: "This is a really good example of how sensors, existing and new, can be used smartly and how analysis of measurement data provides municipalities and residents with both important and useful information. All made possible through the industry-led WebIoT- made by iioote platform, an independent and technology-agnostic IoT platform with more than 40 concrete smart solutions under continuous development."



About iioote AB

iioote work with companies, organizations, and municipalities in implementing IoT in their business, from analysis need and strategy to planning, implementation and system integration. iioote has expertise in IoT, IT and Telecom, combined with industry-specific skills from the construction, machinery, and automotive industries. iioote integrates solutions that drive the development of simple and innovative IoT in the community. This is enabled by radio systems that use low-energy technology, Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWAN).

Contact: Robert Spertina, CEO and Head of IoT, phone +46 70 797 67 88, robert.spertina@iioote.com




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