InCoax introduces a new in:xtnd™ Control unit at Broadband World Forum in Amsterdam

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Following up on the strategic market plan, InCoax introduces a new in:xtnd™ network controller optimized for small residential and commercial buildings, to address key markets in Europe and North America.

InCoax has chosen the Broadband World Forum (BBWF) event to stage the introduction of a new in:xtnd network controller unit. The new in:xtndTM1-channel Control unit is tailored to small residential and commercial buildings servicing up to 31 modems with 2.5 Gbps symmetric speed (3.0 Gbps in turbo-mode). The new in:xtnd network controller is based on the existing and proven in:xtnd platform and shows improvements in both signal quality, link budget, power consumption and signal strength (dBm). The performance in combination with size and cost per apartment, makes the system effective in targeting its potential buyers.

All new in:xtnd products are CE and FCC listed to cover key focus markets such as Europe and North America.

The new in:xtnd network controller can be delivered in Q1 2020, but the books are open for orders already now, making prospecting of upcoming sites possible. The BBWF is one of Europe’s most important events for customers and suppliers of broadband infrastructure and services. The event takes place in Amsterdam on October 15-17 and attracts more than 4,000 key customer executives. To learn more visit us at BBWF (J30) in Amsterdam or contact us at

"The launch of the new in:xtnd controller is important in supporting our long term market strategy. The launch is supplementing our current market offer, making it more complete, to effectively target strategic key segments and markets such as Cable Operators and Internet Service Providers across Europe and North America." says Peter Carlsson, Chief Executive Officer at InCoax.         

About in:xtnd
In:xtnd is EASY to install as it uses the existing coax cable infrastructure for fiber access extension. Its plug-in Access modems allows for tenant’s own installation. It may be rolled out in stages and ensures minimal operational disturbances. In:xtnd is FAST, allowing 2.5 Gbps data traffic on each channel, almost as fast upstream as downstream (symmetrical). Using existing cable infrastructure makes in:xtnd the SMART and environmentally friendly choice. Fast and easy deployment allows for higher subscriber uptake with short time to revenue.

For more information:
Peter Carlsson, CEO, InCoax Networks AB       
+46 70-8563427

About InCoax Networks AB
InCoax Networks AB (publ.) is innovating the future of broadband access. In:xtnd™ provides the next-generation smart and sustainable networking solutions to the world’s leading telecom and broadband service providers. For additional information about how we are “Saving the world from Complicated”, visit Augment Partners AB, tel. +46 8-505 651 72, is acting as the Company ́s Certified Adviser.