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InCoax Networks AB (publ) is innovating the reuse of existing in-building infrastructure for broadband access. We provide the next-generation MultiGigabit networking solutions to the world’s leading telecom and broadband service operators.


We are delighted to provide tenants at Kankaanpään Asunnonhankinta with affordable broadband that supports their day-to-day activities, including home working and education. PSSV has been able to increase the services delivered with InCoax’s cost-effective and easy to deploy technology, which has also enabled the network operator to introduce more competitive pricing.
Helge Tiainen Business Development Director InCoax
Fast and reliable broadband is now a requirement everywhere and it is vital that tenants’ broadband experience is prioritized. InCoax’s technology and technical support has laid the foundations for us to continue to promote digital inclusion and provide widespread connectivity for homes in Finland.
Jukka Ehto CEO PSSV
InCoax started 2024 with the strongest quarter in the company's history, featuring increased sales, maintained gross margin, improved operational cash flow, and a positive net result. The collaboration with Nokia paves the way for increased growth over time.
Jörgen Ekengren, CEO
Doubled sales and cooperation agreement with Nokia
Jörgen Ekengren, CEO, InCoax Networks AB
I have confidence in the potential for InCoax´s system solution to become an integral part of Nokia´s overall offering, available in their channels to their extensive operator customer base. The expectation is that this collaboration will lead to a long and mutually rewarding business relationship.
Jörgen Ekengren, CEO, InCoax Networks AB
InCoax’s industry leading MoCA Access solution will become an important part of Nokia’s broadband access portfolio and existing Gigabit Connect solution. With InCoax’s solution, we will be able to better support cable operators easily deliver muti-gigabit services over the existing coax in MDUs and buildings that are too difficult to serve with fiber.
Geert Heyninck, Vice President of Broadband Networks for Fixed Networks at Nokia
Doubled turnover and progress in two RFQ processes
Jörgen Ekengren, CEO, InCoax Networks AB
InCoax is a very exciting company with a fantastic potential and is in an expansive phase. I very much look forward to joining the team and using my experience to build capabilities that enable cost-effective scaling of the business.
Jakob Tobieson incoming COO, InCoax Networks AB
I am very happy to have Jakob on board. With his high level of competence and experience, Jakob will be a valuable addition so that we can achieve a scalable business with larger operator customers in a good balance between increased sales and operational costs
Jörgen Ekengren, CEO, InCoax Networks
With the InCoax MoCA Access 2.5 portfolio of products we want to support operators targeting to gain market share in the highly competitive MultiGigabit market. The A251 will be an important complement to the existing portfolio of NTE’s offered by InCoax. 2.5 Gigabit symmetrical broadband performance over existing property coaxial infrastructure to a single user, will cover consumer market demand for years to come and constitute a fast-to-install and cost-effective alternative to full-fiber solutions
Alf Eriksson, Chief Product and Portfolio Officer, InCoax Networks
It´s very satisfying to have Alf in the team and he will reinforce the Management Team in order to additionally position InCoax on the operator market through a strong connection between Product Management, Product Development, Sales and Supply
Jörgen Ekengren, CEO, InCoax Networks
The Managed Services service for deployed sites leads to a deeper integration with the operator's organization. It complements our product offering of traditional hardware and software solutions and strengthens the ties between our two companies.
Andreas Bergman, Head of Sales of InCoax Networks AB
InCoax will successively launch added Managed Services offers in the form of packaged products, which will simplify the offer and clarify the value of our delivery
Helge Tiainen, Head of Marketing, Sales and Product Management
In a period of Global turmoil and uncertainties, it is reassuring to see the increased order intake from the operator. Securing this order is a good sign of the operator's focus and intent to continue the expansion on the American broadband market with our system solution.
Andreas Bergman, Head of Sales of InCoax Networks AB
I want to thank existing and new shareholders for their trust in this rights issue and look forward to an exciting journey together. This funding enables us to continue our sales expansion during 2023 and forward with several interesting operators with great potential for increased sales. We look forward to fully devoting our time to delivering on our business goals.
Jörgen Ekengren, CEO
We look forward to being part of the operator's continued expansion in the American broadband market with our system solution and this order gives us good conditions to deliver in line with the customer's wishes
Jörgen Ekengren, CEO of InCoax Networks AB
The co-operation develops according to plan and we foresee a further demand of InCoax system solution for Fiber Access Extension.
Helge Tiainen, Head of Product Management, Marketing & Sales
We see InCoax´ fibre extension as a valid alternative to faster close the social divide.
Michael McLaughlin, HACT Digital Lead
InCoax endorses the Housing Associations´ Charitable Trust in their important work for inclusion and well-being of vulnerable groups in the community. We are cooperating with similar organizations in the US, where we recently helped deploy broadband connectivity to a large affordable housing complex in Austin, Texas. Tenants now have cost-effective broadband access that enables education, healthcare contacts and employment opportunities from home. Services that are hard to reach without the right technologies and high-speed internet connection.
Helge Tiainen, InCoax Head of Marketing, Sales and Product Management
We at A3 see this as a huge opportunity to improve the situation for many tenant-owner associations around the country. Previously, these customers have had to build brand new networks, but with this technology they can take advantage of the larger bandwidths that many need in their homes today. We are extremely proud that we are one of the first operators in the country with this.
Andreas Rix, Head of Corporate Sales at A3
We are very pleased that A3 has chosen to proceed with this first sharp installation of our latest product in:xtnd and have hopes for more similar projects in the near future.
Håkan Rusk, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer for InCoax
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