InCoax Networks gets Room-WiFi order

InCoax Networks, leading provider of equipment for broadband access over existing in-building coaxial cables, has received Room-WiFi order from Trosa stadshotell. The WiFi system in hallways do not reach all guest rooms and by installing Access Points in each guest room the hotel can provide Personal WiFi. 

Multiple mobile devices – laptops, tablets and smartphones – are now a part of a travellers’ everyday life. The connections installed in hallways will become more clogged as more users leverage their mobile devices for entertainment, like streamed movies, or makes video phone calls.

The hotel’s present wireless solution was built for single device surf applications. Providing wireless to support the multi-device guest isn’t simply to install more Access Points (APs) or ordering a wider Internet pipe. Instead, it requires AP’s installed in the hotel rooms in order to provide good WiFi connectivity.

But a room AP requires a signal in. A cost-effective solution is to install the InCoax Room-WiFi platform. It utilizes the existing in-building coaxial cables, no new, expensive, cabling needed. The platform delivers high-speed services to meet the guest demand on multi-device WiFi connectivity, supporting Infotainment systems, IPTV and Web-TV services. The new platform contains Coax Link Controllers, ranging from 700 Mbps to 1400 Mbps, which makes them suitable for any type of hotel that wants to re-use the existing coaxial network infrastructure for modern Personal IP services.

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