Successful launch of In:xtnd™ at AngaCom

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InCoax received a lot of interest at AngaCom in Cologne with demonstrations of the new In:xtnd product line to more than 250 engineers and decision makers from 150 cable operators, system integrators and equipment vendors, from a total of 34 countries. 

The newly launched In:xtnd product family uses existing coaxial cable installations to transform in-building coaxial networks into multi Gigabit fiber extensions. The In:xtnd™ Control MA 2.5 4 is a broadband over coax access node, capable of 2.5 Gbps per RF-port, which with 4 ports gives a total of 10 Gbps. At AngaCom in Cologne, June 12-14, InCoax met with many interested companies. 

“In the demonstration setup we showed how one In:xtnd Control unit communicates with eight In:xtnd™ Access MA 2.5 2 Ethernet modems. In:xtnd Access is a cost-efficient coax to ethernet media converter providing 2x1 Gbps. The cost is only 20 percent of the cost for installing fiber”, said Peter Carlsson, CEO of InCoax.

The In:xtnd product family is based on the MoCA Access™ 2.5 standard and the In:xtnd Control 4-port supports up to 124 In:xtnd Access modems. The demonstrations also included In:xtnd™ Combine MA 2.5 which is a frequency multiplexer-demultiplexer coax filter that combines TV frequencies and data in existing coaxial cabling.

“In a separate setup, we also demonstrated the In:xtnd™ Manage MA 2.5 which is an advanced element manager with features for In:xtnd Control deployment, control and supervision of the coax link conditions. In:xtnd Manage includes essential functions for carrier-class service provisioning and network management”, said Peter Carlsson.

The visitors were from 34 countries, and mainly from Europe, but also from USA, China, Taiwan, Israel, South Korea and South Africa. InCoax and the launch of the In:xtnd product family also received a lot of media interest from both European and US based journalists.

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The InCoax team at AngaCom

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