Inhalation Sciences signs joint development project worth 25 KEUR with long-term corporate client on its XposeALI® module

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(Stockholm 26 October, 2020) The joint venture, to optimize and co-develop XposeALI®, ISAB’s in vitro aerosol exposure module of cells cultured at an Air-Liquid Interface (ALI), was proposed by the client to increase its compatibility with different types of commercial cell culture inserts. ISAB has a long-term collaboration with the company who, as well as XposeALI® also have the in vivo Nose-Only and Intratracheal exposure modules, as well as the in vitro DissolvIt® dissolution module installed at their different facilities. All improvements made to XposeALI® during the project will remain proprietary to ISAB.

Lung and respiratory researchers use XposeALI® to study the cellular effects of airborne particles on lung cells cultured at an Air-Liquid Interface, mimicking the conditions in the lung. Among the users, the unit of Environment Medicine at Karolinska Institutet has successfully published several per-reviewed articles of data generated with this technology.

ISAB has now agreed on a joint co-funded venture with a long-term global corporate client headquartered in Europe to further develop and optimize XposeALI®. The objective is to increase the compatibility to a wider range of cell-culture inserts, including commercially available inserts with pre-cultured airway epithelia. In the same project a quick-lock system that will make the module easier to handle and minimize risk of leakages, will be developed. The client will have full access to the module in-house during the venture, but all optimizations and developments made to XposeALI® will remain proprietary to ISAB.   

ISAB CEO Manoush Masarrat: “We have listened to our experienced users and taken actions as a response to this valuable feedback. This joint venture is win-win for both parties and we’re delighted to move ahead. The fact that a returning client of this caliber approaches us and is prepared to be part of a co-development project like this, shows that they value our products and their continued development. This client wants data which they know they can trust to put them ahead of the competition and they know PreciseInhale® and XposeALI® can provide them with this.”

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