Inhalation Sciences Sweden AB (publ) releases Half Year Report Q2 2019

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Inhalation Sciences CEO Lena Heffler: “A major milestone was reached this quarter with the announcement that we’re commencing a new Study validating PreciseInhale for clinical use. We also received a purchase order for a second PreciseInhale system from a client, a landmark for the company. With clinical validation started and DissolvIt on the way towards commercialization, our goal continues to be achieving cash flow positive results on a full-year basis during 2020.”

Summary of the Reporting period

Highlights during Inhalation Sciences Sweden AB's second quarter:

  • On May 7, ISAB received an order for a PreciseInhale system from an existing customer with an order value of approximately SEK 1.6 million. The order includes the platform's unique integrated inhaler actuator and was delivered during the second quarter of 2019.
  • The commencement of our Study validating PreciseInhale as a technology for clinical use was announced. The clinical validation study has been financed in its entirety by ISAB divesting 400,000 shares in the associated company Ziccum AB (publ). Sales proceeds amounted to approximately SEK 5.2 million

April-June 2019

Net sales SEK 2,695 thousand (769)

Operating profit SEK -821 thousand (-3,799)

Earnings per share before and after dilution SEK 0.44 (-0.43)

Jan-June 2019

Net sales SEK 3,395 thousand (838)

Operating income SEK -3,159 thousand (-7,778)

Earnings per share before and after dilution SEK 0.15 (-0.90)

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For more information about Inhalation Sciences, please contact:

Lena Heffler, CEO 
Telephone: +46 (0)70 205 9620

About Inhalations Sciences Sweden AB (publ)

Inhalation Sciences Sweden AB (publ) develops and commercializes world-leading instruments for research into inhalation. The company’s patented lab instrument, PreciseInhale®, enables researchers to characterize, with high precision, how aerosols and small particles impact our lungs, and so our health, when we inhale them.

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