Rörläggaren and ORAB secure renewed assignment at ESS

Instalco’s subsidiaries Rörläggaren and ORAB have been entrusted to participate in the second installation phase of the European Spallation Source (ESS). The general contractor Skanska has awarded the companies with the assignment to carry out the remaining plumbing, heating and process installations. The full order value for the second phase, expected to be completed in 2020, amounts to approximately SEK 220 million.

ESS is a multi-disciplinary research facility which is being constructed outside of Lund, Sweden. The facility, which is based on the world’s most powerful pulsed neutron source, is expected to open for research in 2023 and to complete the construction phase in 2025. Rörläggaren and ORAB have previously participated in the first phase of the project, carrying out plumbing, heating and process installations for a total turnover of SEK 107 million.

“We are very happy to receive the continued trust to carry out installations in this prestigious project”, says Patrik Persson, CEO of Rörläggaren, part of Instalco.

“We are proud to continue our work to complete this research facility. The participation of Rörläggaren and ORAB in the ESS construction shows the strength of the Instalco model, where several companies can complement each other and work in collaboration”, says Kent Persson, CEO of ORAB, part of Instalco.

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