Internet Vikings’ potential is outstanding. The company has been growing steadily for 12 years and has developed a highly effective infrastructure. The fact that it has attracted such experts of the iGaming industry as Peter Ekmark and Jesper Kärrbrink proves that it is on the threshold of the major breakthrough now. I’m delighted to join this terrific team in such a special moment.
Stefan Backlund, Board Member
We continue to add senior experts to our board as our mission is to make sure that the company is growing to its full potential in 2020-21. It is going to be a fantastic and interesting journey. Now with Stefan as a member of the Board.
Jesper Kärrbrink, Board Chairman
The experience that Stefan has will help our young and creative marketing team to reach a new stage of maturity. I see it as a perfect combination of wisdom and knowledge with ambition and drive.
Peter Ekmark, CEO
We were impressed by Internet Vikings ability to deliver dedicated servers to ensure uninterrupted gaming experiences for our customers. This, plus the top-of-line service levels that Internet Vikings is promising and the approval from industry peers were strong factors when we chose this investment
Benedict McDonagh, Managing Director of Green Jade Games
The ability to scale-up server capacity on the flash of a microsecond is key in a very demanding industry such as iGaming. The loss of business for operators due to downtime is directly hurting the bottom line. The industry relies on quality and trust so the player’s gaming experience cannot be compromised at any time. We are very pleased that Green Jade Games chose us
Peter Ekmark, CEO of Internet Vikings
I am delighted to be joining Internet Vikings. It is a very innovative company with great potential, that has been growing organically since it was founded 12 years ago. I look forward to joining the team and support Internet Vikings through its next phase of expansion and international growth.
Peter Ekmark
I am confident and happy to have Peter Ekmark joining as our CEO and I am now looking forward to working more with our customers and partners to refine our managed iGaming hosting solutions and Brand protection for our customers even further.
Rickard Vikström, Founder of Internet Vikings
Having Peter Ekmark onboard as CEO for Internet Vikings means a lot. Peter complements the founders Rickard and Victor in a good way and with his experience, he will be instrumental in the future development of Internet Vikings.
Jesper Kärrbrink, Chairman of the Board
I am very happy with our first big acquisition for Internet Vikings and I am really looking forward to working with Costa PBN’s partners and clients. As a larger provider, Internet Vikings can help the clients of Costa PBN with everything from domain names and site creation to hosting.
Rickard Vikström, CEO at Internet Vikings
After several years of building Costa PBN and working with clients from all over the world, I am confident that Internet Vikings will continue to support our clients at a high-level with their extended product offerings. As a company, we are transitioning to a new business and downsizing our services company, so I am happy that Internet Vikings is bringing continuity to the work we have been doing over the past few years.
Gonçalo Costa, Co-Founder of Costa PBN
I have received a number of proposals since then and I have tried to make as wise choices as possible. I like Rickard and Victor and think they have built something long term and solid. They have a good idea and a healthy approach to entrepreneurship.
Jesper Kärrbrink
They are really prepared to take the next step now and asked if I wanted to help. This is a very interesting industry. Hosting and brand protection is not something that is written and talked about so much, but it is the foundation of a well-functioning Internet economy.
Jesper Kärrbrink
The products that Internet Vikings have are basic products that everyone who runs e-commerce or gaming companies must have. But there is room to make it even better. There is money to be saved for both e-commerce and gaming companies.
Jesper Kärrbrink
The gaming companies have been making relatively ‘easy’ money in recent years, but now there are taxes, increased regulation and even increased competition. That will increase the press, and there I believe that Internet Viking has a role to play. They can build new layers in what they do.
Jesper Kärrbrink
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