Internet Vikings surges deeper into the U.S. as they take their game to Michigan

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Internet Vikings has officially launched its iGaming operations in the state of Michigan. Beginning in July 2021, the globally renowned European hosting provider has strategically expanded into one state after another, and now offer their services in most of the iGaming compliant states in America. Setting up and going live in Michigan is a carefully planned move for the company, where they once again will provide their full suite of bespoke iGaming hosting services.

The company founder and CCO Rickard Vikström expressed his excitement: “We are thrilled to have secured our positions in yet another US territory. We consider expanding our operations into Michigan to be an especially important win.” 

The state of Michigan is presently one of the largest U.S. iGaming markets and therefore one of the most sought-after in the country. Their online sportsbooks handle for December saw a boost of +2.3% MoM, hitting a whopping $485m. While Michigan’s iGaming gross revenue for 2021 hit a new high of $121.8m.

Elena Kvakova, the Head of the U.S. expansion for Internet Vikings said: “In addition to high revenues, Michigan is one of just six states in America which specifically allow online casinos”, the others being New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, West Virginia and Connecticut. Unlike some other gaming-compliant states, suppliers are not required to possess any type of license if they want to operate in Michigan. It must however, be taken into consideration that in order to operate in Michigan, all online casinos and all companies or individuals working within the industry must have a vendor license, no matter their size or category.

Elena continued: “Recognizing the state as the next important strategic step in our U.S. expansion, after studying the relevant legislation and obtaining the required documentation in April, we have worked as a team to establish our next U.S. base.” Internet Vikings quickly acquired their first client in May, and applied for their vendor license in June. After months of waiting, Michigan Gaming Control Board has finally completed the evaluation and issued the Swedish Hosting Services Provider with a valid license. 

We are extremely proud to be able to support our clients in multiple locations across the U.S. and globally. I can confirm that we will continue expanding and growing both territorially and as a company as a whole, making sure that iGaming businesses worldwide have access to reliable hosting services, anywhere anytime.”

Internet Vikings have established a solid reputation as a global hosting services provider, with operations active and thriving on 6 continents. Offering the best in online gaming hosting, their current focus is on the blooming U.S. market, where they have already gone live in most of the compliant states, with more to come in the following months. They have also taken on other new frontiers and set up in Ontario, Canada. Having acquired the necessary experience and strategy, they are ready to take on new locations across America and will soon be operational in all compliant states.

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Internet Vikings is a global iGaming Hosting Provider established in 2008, with its HQ in Stockholm and over 70 employees spread across 5 countries. Their full suite of services includes, but is not limited to, cloud hosting across the most relevant jurisdictions, domain name management as well as marketing solutions in the field of online brand protection. This is part of the reason that Internet Vikings is the one-stop-shop for international iGaming operators.