Clarification regarding ownership in Latour

Today, Latour’s owner Carl Douglas divested 1.536.000 shares of series B in Latour through an internal transaction within the Douglas family. As a member of the Board of Directors in Latour, Carl Douglas also fullfilled his reporting duties to Finansinspektionen (Swedish Finance Authorities). The acquiring companies, that are controlled by the Douglas family, does not have the correponding reporting duties. The information that is published by Finansinspektionen can thereby be misleading for those that only see that piece of information.

The Douglas family’s ownership is thus unchanged.

Göteborg, 12 June, 2019

Jan Svensson
President and CEO

For further information, please contact:
Anders Mörck, CFO, +46 706 46 52 11

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Investment AB Latour is a mixed investment company with operations primarily carried out in two business lines; a wholly-owned industrial operation and a portfolio of nine listed holdings of which Latour is the principal owner or one of the principal owners.


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