Inwido aquires the Danish window companies JNA and SPAR

Inwido, Europe's largest supplier of windows and doors, aquires the two Danish businesses JNA Vinduer & Døre and SPAR Vinduer with a turnover of approximately DKK 155 million, in 2013. This aquisition is strategically important for Inwido in order to approach the growing consumer market on the Internet.

The aquisitions of JNA and SPAR are in line with Inwidos’ strategy to seek growth both organically and through acquisitions. They are also motivated by the ambition to be represented in the growing market of windows and doors on the Internet - an area where Inwido today has limited presence.

”We have seen that certain groups of consumers not only want to get the product information online, but also increasingly want the ability to purchase directly online. The acquisitions of JNA and SPAR gives us an option for this target group,” says Håkan Jeppsson, President and CEO of Inwido.

JNA Vinduer & Døre was founded in 1990 for the production and sale of windows in Denmark. In 2006 the group was expanded with SPAR Vinduer which was established as a cheaper alternative for Danish Internet customers. This concept has since been launched in Norway.

”JNA and SPAR have a good grasp of the Danish market. They have managed to take shares in a price sensitive and highly competitive market and will become an exciting part of Inwido,” says Mads Storgaard Mehlsen, MD of Inwido Denmark and the one who will have direct responsibility for the aquired companies.

JNA and SPAR will after the acquisition be an independent business unit within Inwido Denmark. The acquisitions are awaiting final approval from the Danish Competition Authorities.

For more information, please contact:
Inwido AB
Håkan Jeppsson, President and CEO Tel.: 46 (0)10-451 45 51 or 46 (0)70-550 15 17
Jonna Opitz, SVP Marketing, Sales & Communication Tel.: 46 (0)10-451 45 58 or 46 (0)722 11 90 10

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Inwido is Northern Europe’s leading supplier of innovative, environmentally friendly, wood-based window and door solutions. The company has operations in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Poland, Russia, the UK, Austria and Ireland, as well as exports to a large number of other countries. The Group markets some 20 strong local brands including Elitfönster, SnickarPer, Hajom, Hemmafönster, Outline, Tiivi, Pihla, Diplomat and Sokolka. Inwido has approximately 3,100 employees and generated sales of slightly more than SEK 4.3 billion in 2013. The Group's headquarters are located in Malmö, Sweden. For further information, please visit


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Inwido owns and develops companies that, with various products and services, improve people's everyday lives indoors. Today, Inwido is Europe's largest window group and a natural home for the region's strongest companies in comfort, indoor climate and security. In 2019, Inwido had sales of approximately SEK 6.6 billion and had an operating EBITA margin of 9.7 percent. In total, there are approximately 4,400 employees in the Group, which have operations in Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Ireland, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Romania, the United Kingdom, Sweden and Germany.Inwido was listed on the mid-cap list at NASDAQ Stockholm, Friday, September 26, 2014.




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