I would like to extend a warm welcome to Antti into the Group Management Team and wish Lars the best of luck going forward
Henrik Hjalmarsson, President & CEO Inwido.
“The third quarter was Inwido’s strongest quarter to date, in terms of profit, and we delivered strong profits, good organic growth, strong cash flows and our sixth consecutive quarter with strengthened margins.
Henrik Hjalmarsson, President and CEO
I am pleased to present the fifth consecutive quarter with improved margins and a strong cash flow
Henrik Hjalmarsson
Despite the uncertainty surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic, Inwido delivered growth and better earnings than in the corresponding quarter in 2019. It is also pleasing to note that we are entering the third quarter with a 12 percent higher order backlog than at the corresponding time last year.
Henrik Hjalmarsson
I am impressed by and proud of the way our leaders and employees handle this challenge, which in itself is a testament to the strength of Inwido's decentralized business model ”.
Henrik Hjalmarsson
In the fourth quarter of 2019, the margin improved, while continued strong cash flow brought the net debt down to 2.2x EBITDA.
Henrik Hjalmarsson
Welcome to listen in on our Q4 and year-end presentation
Henrik Hjalmarsson
We welcome Christer Wahlquist and Kerstin Lindell as new board members
Henrik Hjalmarsson, President & CEO
The recruitments provide a power boost and are examples of how Inwido actively works with the succession of leadership and to develop its companies”
Henrik Hjalmarsson, President & CEO Inwido.
We feel that our business units, with the support of our new model of governance, are well-positioned to benefit from further potential for growth and profitability, regardless of how the markets themselves develop.
Henrik Hjalmarsson, President & CEO Inwido
During the quarter, we delivered improved earnings, while a strong cash flow brought net debt down to 2.5x EBITDA.
Henrik Hjalmarsson, President & CEO Inwido
Welcome to our Q3 presentation
Henrik Hjalmarsson, CEO Inwido
I am both proud and pleased to have been afforded the trust this entails. Hajom and SnickarPer are two very strong premium brands and the companies have amazing quality products.
Mikael Grundén, Managing Director Hajom & SnickarPer
With new technology we are taking crucial steps forward to generate success for our companies, their customers and Inwido
Henrik Hjalmarsson, President & CEO Inwido
Welcome to our Capital Markets Day 2019
Henrik Hjalmarsson, CEO
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