Step Into The Light

The dark mornings may have returned but thanks to the Hollywood Mirrors collection from Illuminated Mirrors a ray of sunshine is on the horizon.

And it’s all thanks to a cluster of energy-saving LED lightbulbs that surround the glass.

Thanks to their positioning, the lightbulbs perfectly illuminate the face so users can see an exact reflection when applying make-up or getting ready.

Unlike an overhead light fixture, the lightbulbs surrounding the mirror mean light is concentrated giving a truer reflection of what the user will look like in natural daylight.

What’s more, a discreet dimmer switch allows homeowners to change the brightness of the LED lightbulbs depending on how dark the mornings are.

The handcrafted mirrors are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and finishes and come with a 10-year warranty.

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Here comes the sun

Table Top Mirror in High Gloss White£199.99

Handcrafted from the finest materials, this stunning table top mirror exudes timeless elegance from its classic design.

What’s more, the energy-saving LED bulbs can be adjusted using the discreet dim switch to highlight your favourite feature.

Table Top Mirror in High Gloss Pink£199.99

Created with the style-conscious in mind, the Hollywood Mirror is the ultimate looking glass for those desiring a flawless finish.

Plus, the discreet dimmer switch offers ambient lighting throughout the day.

Table Top Hollywood Mirror£399.99

The cluster of lights perfectly illuminates the face to show an exact reflection, while a discreet dimmer alters the brightness.

What’s more, this mirror has been lovingly handcrafted to ensure it looks just as good as those looking in it.

Circular Table Top Hollywood Mirror £349.99

Made famous in the dressing rooms of Hollywood stars, illuminated mirrors are the perfect home accessory for those who want to achieve a flawless finish while adding a touch of luxury to their home.

Comes with a dimmer switch and 10-year warranty.
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