I’m delighted that another big company is looking to invest in our town. This is fantastic news for Darwen and I am looking forward to seeing the finished results.
Jake Berry, MP for Rossendale and Darwen
It’s great to see companies like Stewardsons putting their money into our community instead of the constant trail of investment going down to London.
Paul Ainsworth-Lord, from Ainsworth-Lord Estates
The Britain’s Got Talent production team will be attending the Pet Show this Sunday, and we are looking for any talented animals. If you are interested in meeting us, and think your pet has star quality then come on down and say hello
Tom Lightfoot, Associate producer, Britain's Got Talent
We are really excited about having the opportunity to bring this amazing original DC Comics’ artwork to fans in this way
Andrew Gerraty
The design team have been great – even the smallest advantage can be crucial in competitive events, so what you wear really matters.
Amy Kilpin, Team GB
As a regular participant in triathlons, I realised there was a gap in the market when it comes to producing high-quality sportswear for these events. Working with athletes and scientists, we’re planning to develop apparel that will help people fulfil their potential.”
Matt Tomkin
the vast majority of which have suffered severe misfortune and will only be a benefit applicant whilst they rebuild family life and career.
Phil Stewardson
“The organisers at The Pet Show have gone to extraordinary lengths to ensure that every animal’s welfare at the show is protected.
Tim Wass MBE